How a Mexican oil Firm, Cotemar, is changing the oil industry.

Among the top most rich oil companies in the world, Cotemar is one of them. The firm was founded in 1979 and is a Mexican organization as, unlike other oil companies, Cotemar operates only in Mexico. Though having more than thirty years experience in the oil industry, the firm has no plans of expanding beyond Mexico though having partners in various places such as Europe among others. Many oil companies are known for liking the idea of expanding and gaining shares in different regions, but this is not the case for Cotemar. The fact that it has no plans for expanding has made the firm unique and able to operate smoothly as the idea of not expanding is strength and not a weakness on their side.

Having its headquarters in Monterrey, Cotemar organization has rapidly grown over the years majorly due to the world’s appetite for crude oil and new oil wells in Mexico. With this, the firm has had to employ more manpower having more than seven thousand employees that prove Cotemar is a big oil company. Their staff ranges from casual workers to highly trained professionals who dedicate their efforts to ensuring the firm’s customer base increases. With a dedicated team, Cotemar is always assured of making more than six hundred million dollars every month regarding revenues.

With hard work and dedication to providing quality services, Cotemar has been able to gain a strong reputation in the industry. With the help of specialized vessels which are in the firm’s offshore oilfields, the organization has been able to expand and offer services to Petroleos Mexicanos. Through these offshore fields, Cotemar is in a position of providing services that are safe and full of quality that meets all their client’s expectations. The services offered by the enterprise are under a few strategic divisions that aim to provide maintenance, modernization, construction and engineering services. Through providing these services, all Cotemar’s clients are assured of using facilities that are up to date, safe and efficient.

Cotemar is also known for innovating and modernizing their client’s offshore rigs and processing centers. All Cotemar’s customers are also assured of marine support boats that are specialized and range from one make to another depending on the preference of the client. These marine vessels are designed in a way that they serve any offshore requirements of any oil company. These requirements may include transportation of food, workers or material. What Cotemar aims to achieve is making their clients happy and offering services that will help in building up the oil industry at large.