Dr. Johanan Rand, Bioidentical Hormone Specialist And Expert In Many Rare Therapies

Based out of West Orange, NJ, Dr. Johanan Rand is a bioidentical hormone specialist and also an expert in many rare, but extremely useful, medical therapies. Even though his unorthodox approach will take a bit of getting used to, his persistence in treating the whole patient has gained him respect from both his client and his colleagues alike. Here are just a few of his remarkable techniques.


Weight Loss

One of Dr. Johanan Rand’s main approaches to weight loss would be through the HCG diet. This approach incorporates a hormone that all women produce when pregnant. Perhaps not surprisingly, this diet can then lead to some naturally quick weight loss results. The body reacts to the hormone by responding well to a low calorie diet. In summary, the patient is able to eat less, but feel fuller faster because of the effects of the hormone. They can easily shed one to two pounds daily.



Dr. Johanan Rand also has a whole host of strategies for combating aging. Dr. Rand Has a total approach to health, that focuses on exercise, diet, and hormone therapy. He is looking to strengthen the metabolism and bring the immune system back up to speed. Naturally, if you have an immune system that is like a younger person’s, diseases will not affect you as severely.


Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Johanan Rand Also offers a comprehensive approach for erectile dysfunction. He realizes that this issue is often something that has related problems, so his approach would usually begin with blood work to determine whether the person has vitamin deficiencies or other issues contributing to the problem. He also utilizes blood work to determine any genetic markers that might exist. Using this information, Dr. Rand is then able to develop an individualized plan for each patient’s basic needs.


The Healthy Aging Medical Center

Dr. Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center as a way to provide the best Clinical Services for all of his patients. His main aim is to make the lives of everyone that comes to him better. There is no questioning the fact that his comprehensive approach has made him the leader in restorative and regenerative medicine.