IDLife Will Change Your Life for the Better

IDLife, Individually Designed Life, produces the best combination of supplements for the unique individual. Potential customers start with a personal health assessment, after which, the individual is given a complete complement of supplements to take in the morning and then again at night. The supplements are conveniently packaged in strip packs for each day.

IDLife also offers nutritional shakes, energy drinks and appetite suppressants. The goal of IDLife, the company is to educate the consumer and to prescribe the best supplements to give the individual the most energy and stamina. The formula used to select the nutritional supplements an individual takes consider the overall health of the individual as well as other factors that influences their health. These considerations include the individual’s medical conditions, medications taken, daily nutrition and lifestyle. Once all those considerations have been factored in, the appropriate supplements are chosen for the morning and evening. Then they are neatly packaged into light weight plastic packs, which are sealed into strips that pulls out of a larger container for your convenience. Now, the individual is set with supplements that will add to their lives.

Unlike the arbitrary choices made by the na├»ve individual who may be consuming supplements that aren’t necessary or that may even be causing some damage, IDLife uses science to identify what’s actually needed. No inappropriate supplement is every added. So the issues that the individual is facing are the only issues, IDLife presents supplements to address.

  • IDLife Energy Sticks- provide up to 6 hours of increased energy without jitters and not followed by a crash. Each stick is only 20 calories.
  • Skin Care Day Cream – gives the user broad spectrum SPF 20 protection from UV rays and skin hydration.
  • Post Workout Jar- helps the athlete regain electrolytes, antioxidants and proteins to recover after a workout.
  • Shake Vanilla Bean Pouches- give the individual 23 grams of protein from grass-fed cows that produce the milk that makes the whey used that’s mixed with chia seeds. It’s a shake mix made with natural sugar.

The individual who has metabolism issues, low immunity or energy, joint pain, bone density concerns or worries about their mental clarity can receive the supplements that can eliminate those problems. IDLife also offers the individual a whole host of products that increase one’s quality of life. These items increase energy, improve the feel of your skin, help you recover after a workout and replace a meal. Effectively, IDLife can improve your life with their quality supplements targeted specifically to solve your health issues and more