How Jeff Herman and Herman Law Have Helped Abused Victims

Jeff Herman is an attorney that devotes his professional life to fighting for victims of sexual abuse cases. He is the founder of Herman Law, a nationally recognized law firm that specializes in cases of this nature. His firm has helped and provided justice for hundreds of clients since it was founded.

Before Herman Law was founded, Jeff Herman already had experience working as an attorney. This, along with his passion for making a positive difference for his clients, has helped make Herman Law into a successful startup.

In the article, Herman stated that he was moved by the story of an autistic pre-schooler that was abused by one of its employees. This drove him towards devoting Herman Law strictly towards advocating for sexual abuse victims and on a national level as well. Herman Law also provides free consultations for potential clients and does not collect any fees unless a case is won.

Jeff Herman also states that referrals from other clients are the best way to draw potential clients in. The free consultations are then used to help victims and their families towards potential litigation.

The toughest decision for Mr. Herman and Herman Law is choosing which clients to represent in court. Due to social and political changes, sexual abuse cases are scrutinized at all levels before a case can be accepted. Herman Law collects evidence, interviews witnesses and creates a strategy before a case is even submitted.

Jeff Herman said that his most satisfying moments in operating Herman Law involve helping the clients that were sexually abused by giving them closure and by bringing positive change for the victims and their families. Mr. Herman and Herman Law plan on devoting all of their time and resources towards their goal of helping their clients in sexual abuse cases.

Jeff Herman of Herman Law