Kenneth Goodgame Knows How To Help Make A Store Fun To Shop

Kenneth Goodgame is the merchandising expert who works as the senior VP of True Value. True Value is a great company that offers hardware services to people in a way that is very rustic and conventional. They have bucked the trend by making sure that their stores do not look like warehouses, and that is all part of what Kenneth Goodgame has done to help the company. He works very hard to be sure that every store is easy to be in, and he has created an atmosphere that is much easier to shop in.

The work that he has done at True Value has shown that someone can have the experience they got used to in the past. Their stores look so much more different from others that people will instantly notice the difference, and they can walk around without getting lost. Kenneth Goodgame put in a lot of work to make every store look modern, and the stores will still be set up like they used to be.

Kenneth Goodgame wants to make sure that people can walk through a True Value without feeling like they are overwhelmed, and he also wants to be sure that someone who comes there for the first time has a good experience. The experiences that people have in True Value are all down to the way that the look, and that is why Kenneth Goodgame has made things as natural as he can.

According to Citrite, the work that Kenneth Goodgame has done in True Value is making it easy for people to upgrade and take care of their own homes.