Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian who specialized his education further by doing law. Through his skills and expertise, he has grown to be respected and recognized as one of the best lawyers in the country. He has managed to use his knowledge to create a big difference in his country through his actions. With his knowledge, he has gotten the chance to defend many people in different court cases bringing them to their victory. Ricardo Tosto has worked with politicians, the government, entrepreneurs, and even other local people making justice to prevail regarding the different opinions upheld.Through his knowledge of the law, he has created a lot of impact in his society.

Ricardo Tosto has used his abilities to enable many laws to be implemented and others to fulfill their interest for the better growth of the country. Some of his contributions include in the creation of multi-national groups for politicians and even in the advocating of the legal laws that would govern the Brazilian economy among others. Regardless of the challenges presented to him as a lawyer, Ricardo Tosto has managed to maintain his reputation as a great lawyer. It is evident in his works as he has worked even with big personalities and in difficult cases but has prevailed. His ambition enabled him to grow into a great person as he even built his office which is one of the largest in the country. Ricardo Tosto started a firm where he incorporated other lawyers as trainees. With time, some have also grown to be great in the field of law as they get experienced with time.

Therefore, it is evident that Ricardo Tosto has helped others thrive in the community. He has also worked with other great lawyers and entrepreneurs to give some implementation. Through this conjunction, he got actively involved in a project that aims to regulate assets. Ricardo Tosto has worked with Milk and Barros to ensure this project is adequately funded and works for a better living standards of the people. It was approved as it aimed to make the Brazilian lawyers work together with foreign lawyers in evaluation and distribution of resources. The project has appropriated better litigation, dealing with crimes, implementation of environmental laws and labor among other things.

Stream Energy: A Winning Company Model

Stream Energy is no doubt a company that’s after the heart of the community. It is evident that they have no ulterior motive. They sincerely care about the well-being of the people in the community. No company would make the sacrifices that Stream Energy has made unless they genuinely cared. For example, Hurricane Harvey was a storm that will never be forgotten. Houston Texas went from being normal to being underwater. The storm dumped close to 60 inches of rain, leaving many of the residents displaced from their homes. Many were killed, lost loved ones, and even their pets. Stream Energy used Stream Cares, which their philanthropy organization created for community is giving. They were one of the first responders to the aftermath of the hurricane. What was most fascinating about their giving is that they used money that they earned from energy sales to fund the recovery. Whether anticipated or not, giving of this magnitude is enhancing the reputation of Stream Energy. The company is becoming more attractive to prospective associates as well as to customers. Associates at Stream play a major role in the success of the company as well. They manage the customer’s client base by ensuring that they always have what they need. They also meet with new prospective customers to explain to them the services that Stream Energy offers at a discounted rate. The business model is set up so that everyone wins. Associates don’t have to come into an office and work a particular shift for a certain amount of hours. They are essentially independent contractors that own their own business. They earn commissions on every sale that they close. Associates also get to participate in sponsored events by helping serve the people in the community. Clients get to enjoy great services at a discounted rate. Adverse circumstances can happen at a moment’s notice. There is nothing that prepares one for the sudden loss of a loved one and their home. It is reassuring that Stream Energy is there to help pick up the pieces. They are indeed the very definition of philanthropy in the rarest form.

Paul Mampilly Is Bringing Huge Profits to His Subscribers

Paul Mampilly has had tremendous success on Wall Street. In fact, he won the Templeton Foundation award for investing after he was able to achieve a profit gain of seventy six percent on his investments. However, he walked away from Wall Street so that he can focus on helping the average American become successful at investing.

He shows his Profits Unlimited subscribers exactly what he did in order to achieve the gains that he achieved. As an example, he opened a stock account just for demonstration, and it has already grown by one hundred and eighty percent. As the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he has helped many people become successful at investing. Paul Mampilly signed on with Banyan Hill Publishing over a year ago so that he can launch Profits Unlimited and help more people invest their money successfully. Paul Mampilly updates the stocks that he recommends to his subscribers every week, so you can be sure that all of the information you are getting is up to date. He also makes sure to track the progress of his recommended stocks, so you can see for yourself how they are doing.

One of the industries he recommends investing in is precision medicine. This means that doctors will use a patient’s genetic information in order to avoid a one size fits all treatment. Paul Mampilly believes that companies that are successful with precision medicine will become the leaders in the medical industry. His recommended portfolio includes five stocks in the precision medicine industry.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter is highly successful. It now has over 90,000 subscribers. He has worked for twenty five years on Wall Street with companies such as Deutsche Bank. He won the Templeton Award for turning fifty million dollars into eighty eight million dollars at the peak of the financial crisis.

His subscribers save money, because they learn how to buy the stocks that he recommends by opening their own brokerage account, as opposed to Paul serving as the middleman. Brokers that do that usually take fees that cost a lot of money. The subscribers who follow his advice are succeeding big time. One subscriber said that by following Paul Mampilly’s advice, he profited the most he ever did in his entire career. He said he invested in every recommended stock and that each one is doing well.

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Financial Advisor David Giertz Provides Some Very Useful Retirement Planning Advice

A recent article on the Cincinnati Patch website provides some useful tips regarding retirement planning from expert financial advisor David Giertz.

One of the first points that Mr. Giertz makes in this article is that it’s never too early to start planning and saving for retirement. By failing to plan ahead, a person is actually planning to fail at maintaining a financially secure retirement.

By saving a percentage of their income in retirement accounts, people can begin to work towards some financial stability in retirement. Because a person generally spends more money than they earn during retirement, an ideal scenario would be to have enough savings to cover one’s entire retirement. This can be very difficult to do, because nobody knows how much money will actually be needed when they retire.

Many people want to take an early retirement these days, and may want to invest in order to turn a financial profit. Although investments might sometimes be a good way to profit financially, Mr. Giertz says that the investor must know how, when and where to invest their money.

Among the financial vehicles that Mr. Giertz recommends investing in are brokerage accounts and health savings accounts. These types of accounts can provide financial flexibility and security when the money is needed.

With more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, David Giertz is widely recognized as one of America’s leading financial advisors.

A registered broker with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and a certified business coach, Mr. Giertz has achieved great success and is widely respected in the financial services industry.

Felipe Montoro Jens Offers His Valuable Perspective Regarding the Private Sector’s Future Business Prospects

Brazil has always had a dominant reputation based on its savvy business practices in decades. This reputation blossomed in the 20th century mainly due to the industrialization boom across America and Europe. According to Felipe Montoro Jens and other economic experts, the country’s debt crisis is widely considered to be a major catalyst for change during the industrial revolution. According to the National Confederation Industry (NCI), it was incumbent for Brazil to venture into the infrastructure sector and reap maximum rewards through modernization. Not only did this process speed up economic growth, but it also ensured that the country met its investment demands.

Felipe Montoro Jens firmly believes that this new trend resulted from a comprehensive series of events that directly relate to each other. For starters, Brazil uniquely took advantage of its stable political environment to promote infrastructure privatization with like-minded nations. This stable environment served as a hotbed for growth and prosperity over the next five decades. Alternatively, the establishment of the National Privatization Program provided a standardized economic platform for the development of various projects. This eventually led to the rapid expansion of the aeronautical, petrochemical, and steel industries.

On the other hand, the enactment of the Public-Private Partnerships Act was essential for the country’s success. With it, flexible guidelines ensured that legitimate business practices operated without hitches. Moreover, the Act played a vital role in strengthening the telecommunications sector by establishing privatization programs through entities like the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES).

Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a prominent Brazillian entrepreneur. Mr. Jens impressive resume includes various prominent positions such as serving as the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. Before holding this prestigious position, Mr. Jens also served as Senior Officer of Investments and Senior Officer of Finance within the same company. On the other hand, Felipe Montoro Jens has also served as a Board member to several companies such as San Antonio Energia SA as well as Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo.

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King Burch

Recently, Chris Burch, founder of Burch Creative Capital published an interesting article about fashion and technology. Essentially his comments surrounded the theory that as fashion changes, technology makes similar changes. What came first fashion or technology? A very perceptive Mr. Burch notes that one industry can drive the other and not necessarily in any order. He reminds us how the old boom box craze went from a large box to today’s small mp3 players. We had a need to decrease the size of our music. Fashion is the same philosophy, most all of us carry cell phones and experience the same challenge of how to keep it charged and ready for use. The fashion world is helping us out by working on shoes that will change our phones. We live in an amazing time!

Chris Burch, who may be best known for making his wife’s fashion success possible, made it to the Forbes billionaire listing in 2013 after he sold his percentage of Mrs. Tory Burch’s fashion brand. Sadly, the marriage didn’t stick and the couple divorced two years after the launch of WASP-chic fashion in 2004. In 2011 Chris debuted his own successful line of preppy clothing known as C. Wonder. While initially not a billion-dollar brand, Chris has tremendous plans to take the brand international with 300 worldwide locations. As a veteran of the fashion/retail world, his success is sure to continue.

Two of his six children (three girls from a first marriage plus three boys from the second) are also set to enter the fashion world. Mr. Burch, born in March, 1953 has a diversified investment portfolio including real estate, office supplies and technology. Making his home in exciting New York City, New York this self-made billionaire also has an office in Shanghai to manage venture investments and brand development. Mr. Burch has been on boards associated with Orthopedics, The Pierre Hotel and Guggenheim Partners.