Chris Linkas’s Unique Experience and Investing Insight Offers the Younger Generation a Better Financial Future

Chris Linkas is well educated in the financial realm carrying over 25 years of experience. After college, Chris Linkas hit the ground running and in no time, he landed a position with Goldman Sachs in New York. After serving in the commercial real estate area Chris moved on to Credit Investor for a UK-based investment group. His working knowledge of top companies makes his expertise in high demand.


Investing while young

If a person starts investing young they will benefit from advantages that only time can offer. One benefit with time is it allows the customer to take risks when not usually advised. Ventures range from low to high risk, but the higher risk ventures can yield a higher return on investment. Chris Linkas advises to review any investments periodically, as staying atop of performances can help reduce the risk of failure. Time will only allow for chances to be taken, as then time can be allotted to recover if the investment goes bad.


Earning Interest

Compound interest is a great way to make free money within a person’s investments. Earning interest off of already earned interest money is a great benefit that time can increase also. Years of investing earlier can equal substantial differences later after interest is compounded.

Other benefits of investing earlier in life are all along the lines of making the investor’s life better. When a person starts focusing on savings earlier, the person is more in tuned to follow a budget day-to-day and spend less money impulsively. A person who saves early on will also be able to afford more down the road and be more prepared for financial hardships, as the person’s overall financial situation will be better. Early investors will also improve their quality of life, as they diminished the opportunity for the financial stress and allowed the peace in knowing they have a stable retirement plan. Even with Chris’s experience, he takes the time to grow with the current opportunity groups and market cycles. Heed Chris Liskas’s advice and stay atop of investments to insure a more profitable future.

Southridge Capital Takes Corporate Responsibility Seriously

Southridge Capital recognizes that corporations have a larger social responsibility in today’s world and they take that responsibility seriously. The investment firm pursues a number of philanthropic endeavors, both through official means and in an unofficial capacity. For the management team at Southridge Capital, giving back to the community involves more than just donating money. While financial contributions do comprise some of their philanthropic efforts, they also participate in volunteer work and attempt to establish the firm as a leader in the community.

Southridge Capital’s leaders believe that giving back to the community strengthens their own infrastructure by giving personnel a worthwhile cause to support. By giving back to their community, they believe they can help to improve society on a larger scale as well. In addition to providing assistance to individuals, Southridge Capital’s philanthropic programs also provide help to non-profit and religious organizations.


Stephen M. Hicks, who is the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital, began Daystar Foundation with the help of his wife, Mary. Daystar works with a number of charities towards the betterment of society. Stephen and Mary hope that providing assistance to those in need will create a ripple effect that can heal society in a broader way.

Some of the organizations to receive assistance from Southridge Capital and Daystar Foundation include:


  • Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund


  • Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation/Danbury Hospital


  • Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association


  • Save a Child’s Heart Foundation


  • Beit Issie Shapiro Organization


  • Walnut Community Hill Church


  • Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church (NYC)



In addition to CEO Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital is managed by Narine Persaud (Controller and CFO), Laurence J. Ditkoff (Director of Research), Henry B. Sargent (COO and General Counsel), and Linda Carlsen. Over the past two decades, this team has led the firm to make direct investments totaling more than $1.8 billion in growth companies throughout the world. Their strategy for success involves developing customized plans for each client and striving to execute that plan in a way that maximizes the chances for success. You can visit their facebook and twitter account for more info.


In the time since its founding, Southridge Capital has invested in over 250 companies. This vast experience has helped the firm develop sound strategies that minimize the risks associated with their investments. The team at Southridge prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of corporate services to its clients from finance techniques to helping with balance sheet management.