Thor Halvorssen Battles For Human Rights For Everybody

The Venezuelan born human rights activist Thor Halvorssen is probably best known by government leaders who head socieities that are closed to the outside world.

Halvorssen has quickly become one of the world’s best loved human rights activists for those who enjoy his own particular brand of social concern, but to world leaders who have spent their careers profiting from the distress of their people Halvorssen has become a consistent thorn in their sides; after being educated in the U.S. Thor Halvorssen has become a well known activist opponent of major global leaders like Vladimir Putin.

Thor Halvorssen believes the next generation of activists will continue in his own footsteps in bringing news of the issues created by global leaders to the attention of the people of the world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Halvorssen believes every opportunity should be taken to bring the people of the world news of human rights abuses, which is why he has written open letters to pop culture stars, such as Nicki Minaj explaining why their choice to accept funding from tyrants around the world for abuses are wrong.

Thor Halviorssen is a patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, which brings together children from politically stable areas of Europe and their peers in war torn parts of the Middle East and eastern Europe. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Keeping the tyrants of the world on their toes is a major part of the life of Thor Halvorssen as he believes his decisions have an effect on the approach of major leaders to their people.

In his role as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has appointed a major opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin as the head of the foundation in the form of former World Chess champion Gary Kasparov.