Sussex Healthcare Audiology Focuses On Providing Superior Patient Care

As a company that focuses on assisting people with hearing loss, Sussex Healthcare Audiology places their focus on providing patients with superior quality products and services. This healthcare facility primarily works with individuals who have experienced a loss in hearing due to advancing age. Their team of professionals can help with hearing assessment as well as with the proper fitting of hearing aids. Their dedication to quality extends to the care they provide to the patients they assist.

The process of hearing assessment is the first step toward obtaining the specialized care needed to improve the quality of hearing in older adults. The experts at Sussex Healthcare Audiology provide free leaflets about the process used to assess hearing loss. They also have some helpful tips on their website to assist people in determining if they need to have an assessment done. As people age, the systems involved in hearing begin to decline, which could result in the loss of sound tone. This could be experienced as mumbling when people speak or increased difficulty in hearing audible sounds from televisions, phones or doorbells.

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In order to better assist the needs of the patients they treat, Sussex Healthcare Audiology employs a team of qualified professionals who are registered with the appropriate governing organizations such as the Health and Care Professional Council and the Registered Council for Clinical Physiologists. This health care facility also provides training for all of their employees to make sure they adhere to the guidelines and goals of the facility itself. Sussex Healthcare Audiology has also been accredited by the UKAS and is currently working with the National Good Practice Guide to ensure their patients receive the best care possible.

In an effort to provide the best care possible, the team at Sussex Healthcare uses state-of-the-art equipment to assist their patients. They also participate in programs designed to keep their staff and services up to date. The treatment for hearing loss offered through this facility includes after care service in the way of maintenance and support. Making sure a device is working properly and encouraging annual check-ups is a top priority.