Drew Madden Distribution in the Healthcare Industry

Drew Madden successfully attained a degree in Industrial engineering from the University of Lowa. He is an accomplished man who majors in information technology in the healthcare industry. Madden is the founder and chief executive officer of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. His experience of the healthcare world is approximately over 10 years. He put into place competent workforce, dynamic company culture and strong customer relations. He works hard, for instance, bringing together his skills and EMR background so that he could advance the healthcare field by telling it to the experts in healthcare.

He has the capabilities to handle planning, health records, and execution. He has collaborated with various companies so as to apply, solve and find some challenges that deal with medical reports. In two year, Drew Madden worked for Cerner Corporation as a consultant. After that, he moved to Healthia where he was also a consultant. Ingenix then bought this organization and as a result, Madden was appointed a director of regional sales for Ingenix.

Her prosperity kept going on thus becoming the president of Nordic Consulting Partners. He handled recruitment, business development as well as daily tasks. The effort of Drew made an accomplishment of the company gaining 75 employees from 10 and this resulted in the revenue increasing to $130,000,00 from $1,000,000 which took place each year. Since he could greatly handle information technology and project management, he took a leap of faith to begin Evergreen Healthcare Partners due to is experience in both fields.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners provides consultation services to a number of healthcare technologies as well as electronic health platforms that are on records. He helps a number of enterprises to be able to handle IT investments so that they can boost their outcomes to accomplish customer satisfaction. The firm also offers talent management solutions for the purpose of maintaining their relationship with clients. He is hosting various movements that will improve the equipment of medical institutions as well as their software thus patients will receive good treatment. He is a prosperous man who urges the professions of healthcare to use 3D printing and brain-computer interfaces to boost the healthcare industry.