Beneful is a word that is used to mean that which is constructive, helpful or beneficial. This may be the origin of Beneful dog food to imply food that is beneficial to your dog. A dog is man’s best friend. Therefore, the things you do to your best personal friend should also be done to your dog starting from feeding him with the right food that is not only tasty but also healthy.

Beneful dog food is a brand by Purina Company that ranges depending on the needs of your dog. Beneful dog food can either be dry or wet, for your puppy or a mature dog. They also put into consideration your budget. Beneful dog food is well flavored and also nutritious to your dog. Each of their products contains a selected range of ingredients suitable to various needs of the dog. For instance, they have products to promote puppy growth and those that help in weight gaining for your dog. Beneful food is enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for the general health of your dog.

If you have a puppy, Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food may be a good start. This nutritious brand contains chicken, carrots, and peas. It is thus 100% balanced in diet making it perfect for puppies. It is also made with DHA that aids in brain and eye sight development. Its texture is tender and crunchy as well as delicious. Your pup is thus likely to enjoy his meal to the end. Some other Beneful dog foods include; Beneful Grain Free, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Playful Life and Beneful Originals with Real Chicken among others. Beneful thus provides you with a lot of choices in regard to your dog’s needs.