Jeff Aronin CEO of Paragon Biosciences Passion for Healthcare and Rare Diseases

Paragon Biosciences develops innovative companies that transfers essential medical supplies to patients ( Paragon’s companies are overseen by leaders in the healthcare industry. Biotech developers and entrepreneurs are dedicated to producing better outcomes for patients. The leadership and management at Paragon Biosciences has a strong history for FDA drug approvals, including 13 in the past year, and a success rate equivalent to much larger companies. Paragon’s team is continuously developing new techniques that will increase the scientific breakthroughs the company is achieving.

Paragon has developed a three step process in order to continue to serve its patients. Firstly, the company identifies diseases. Paragon focuses on areas where access to treatments scarce. Next, Paragon develops companies that expands the possibilities of biotechnology. The company provide long-term support including resources and business models. Lastly, Paragon develops pharmaceuticals that are safe to bring to the market. Their success rate equal to the success rate of Big Pharma companies.

Jeff Aronin, with over 20 years of experience, is the Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences (Linkedin). He has worked with multiple pharmaceutical companies including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. He has also served as president to many of these pharmaceutical companies. Jeff Aronin has multiple skills that he contributes to Paragon. He has developed strategic business skills and brand marketing. Due to his past experiences, Aronin brings useful leadership daily to Paragon. Jeff Aronin’s has a diverse background, including experience in marketing, structure of executive corporations, as well as mergers.

Jeff Aronin developed a passion for healthcare while shadowing a physician. His expertise are in complex science, rare disease, and rug development. By 2000, Aronin became a CEO for Ovation Pharmaceuticals. He has also served on multiple boards as the chairman for pharmacy companies. He now encourages other entrepreneurs with his experiences. He continues to promote the availability of treatments to people in third-world areas.