The rise of Dr. David Samadi

In 1979, he was a fifteen year-old boy, fleeing his home country, Iran, because of the civil unrest following the overthrow of the Pahlavi Dynasty.

But the Islamic Revolution, despite its ugly effects on lives in Iran, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for David Samadi because today, he is not only the Chairman of Urology Department at Lenox Hill Hospital,New York, but he is also Chief of Robotic Surgery, a Fox News Contributor and one of the most influential names in the medical field.

David Samadi was the first person to deal a significant blow to prostate cancer by inventing a better and less invasive method of treating it, thanks to the solid education he had received after he left Iran.

He studied in two different European countries before moving to America where he was awarded a scholarship to study biochemistry at Stony Brook University.

By 1994, David Samadi earned an M.D, which fueled him to pursue further studies that took him all the way to France.

With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and his ability to remain focused on his work with utmost discipline, it was no surprise that he became the highest paid doctor in New York City.

David Samadi also hosted Sunday Housecall, on Fox News Channel, which aired on Sundays.In the HuffPost a few weeks ago,he commented that Mitt Romney’s cancer prognosis was good.

In Ideamensch, David Samadi was asked how he gives life to his his ideas, and he revealed that if a great idea comes to his mind, he sketches it out or creates a diagram, because an idea may come and go, but a sketch or drawing will always remain and remind him of the idea.

David Samadi’s work has been recognized and rewarded not only by financial and social success, but he has been the recipient of several awards, including New York Magazine’s Best Doctor, Most Compassionate Doctor,America’s Top Doctors for Cancer,Patients’ Choice Awards and American Top Doctors, among others.

Apart from his personal websites, Dr. Samadi is highly active on Facebook, Twitter, and numerous sites.

Dr. David Samadi’s Facebook Page:

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