How To Make Big Profits By Investing In Freedom Checks

Natural Resources investor Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing has been touting Freedom Checks for the past few months. He says they make an excellent opportunity to earn huge returns from not that much money. He kicked off his information campaign about Freedom Checks by posting a photo where he can be seen holding up a check in the amount of $114,287. It is a private check, not a government check, although it does look rather official. Visit the website to learn more.

These checks are definitely legit. In 1987 the US Congress passed a statute called 26-F. There are now 568 firm’s around the nation which meet the Statute 26-F requirements and they send out Freedom Checks each year. These are tax-free companies who are required to meet two requirements. The first requirement is that 90% of the revenue these companies create must come from producing. processing. storing, and/or transporting oil and gas within America. The second requirement that they agree to pay their profits, and sometimes more, to their shareholders each and every year. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali says that these checks can often be three to even four times bigger than the social security check that most people receive. Plus, there aren’t any age restrictions in place to start collecting your money. They can be bought through a regular online brokerage account as well.

How he had discovered Freedom Checks was that he was traveling around the world on assignment for a well-known financial expert, interviewing people like T. Boone Pickens along with investigating businesses. He came across master limited partnerships, more often called MLPs, and discovered what a fantastic investment they could be. Most people don’t know about these, he says, because those in the know keep knowledge of these to themselves because they are so lucrative. The really interesting thing about MLPs, Matt says, is that the federal government considers Freedom Checks a return of capital so federal income taxes don’t have to be paid on them. And, if a person were to decide to sell their shares of an MLP they get taxed at the lower capital gains rate because they aren’t considered as income.

Some people are hauling in $10,000 a month on Freedom Checks, or even $50,000 a month. Of course, these are people with a lot of money to invest but even average investors can do well as they pay around two to three times as much as other conservative investments.