A Subscription to Stansberry Research Is Worth Far More Than Its Cost:

Stansberry Research is a global publisher of financial information as well as software. The company currently has a worldwide client base comprised of millions of investors. Stansberry guides its business model on two key principles. Firstly, it strives to provide its customers with the kind of information that Stansberry executives would themselves want if the roles were reversed. Secondly, Stansberry only publishes financial analysts who offer the kind of advice that its executives would want their own families to follow. Stansberry’s business strategy concentrates on the building of long-term customer relationships. These long-term relationships have proven to be far more profitable than simply trying to market trial subscriptions.

Investment Analyst Alan Gula Gives His Advice on Profiting from Investor Panic:

Stansberry Alpha advisory editor Alan Gula recently sat down for an interview where he spoke candidly about why volatility in the market can be a positive. When asked about how it appears that volatility is starting to return after an extended calm market period, Alan makes it clear that volatility is something that he embraces. Volatility is an opportunity to exploit human emotions. Alan emphasizes that financial markets are often times primarily driven by fear. Investors see stocks decline in value and become fearful of additional losses. At the same time, when stock values sharply rise, investors become fearful of missing a big opportunity. Alan points out that at Stansberry Alpha, these swings in investor attitude are taken advantage of with the help of put and call options. The essentials of an Alpha trade is that it costs you nothing in the beginning. Beyond that, you actually get paid $500 up front. This ties up less capital with the investor only posting a small margin requirement. If the stock rises, the investor profits from the upside and if it falls, the investor essentially owns the stock on a cost basis of $45 a share. This amounts to a 10% discount from everyday investors who only bought a $50 share on the first day. This sounds too good to be true but Alan insists that it is not. When an investor buys put options they protect themselves from a stock’s decrease in value. When fear sets in, investors get anxious and overreact. The effect is that they bid up the prices of put options. Therein exists the window of opportunity to employ Alan’s strategy.

This is the kind of expert advice that an investor can regularly expect to find out about with a subscription to Stansberry Research.

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