Igor Cornelsen Highlights the Positives and Negatives of Brazil and Offers Investor Tips

In 2014, Igor Cornelsen penned an article for PRnewswire.com/, and he outlined the problems and some of the solutions surrounding the Brazilian economy. The article was written around the time the world was in awe of Brazil, and they thought the nation was a beautiful melting pot. This was because of the World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics had the same result. Most people were interested in the sport side of Brazil, but there is a lot going on there economically too. The entire article that covers all everything, including the investing and small business building tips, can be found by clicking here.

The primary problem Igor Cornelsen has is his dislike for Brazilian President Dilma Roussef. She began the “new economic matrix” and implemented a lot of populist policies that have done the country no good. The GDP is practically drowning, and it is doing all it can to stay afloat with a rate under two percent, which has led Brazil’s GDP to $2.5 trillion. Although a trillion seems like a lot of money, for a country the size of Brazil, especially being the second biggest economy in the Americas, to have a GDP that low is troubling. At the time, investors had been let down for more than six years.

Despite the obvious problems and the fuel scandal highlighted in the full article, Brazil has enormous potential. It has a competitive agricultural production industry, tons of natural resources that cover the entire nation and a middle class that is growing in number and wealth. Considering the country already has the eighth largest economy, Igor Cornelsen believe it could explode onto the world stage as long as it has the right economic policies. He believes the way to get onto the right track is to let Finance Minister Joaquin Levy enact a plan containing fiscal austerity and market focused reform. This could bring the country back on track economically after six years of poor decisions.

Paul Mampilly- The Profits Whisperer

Few people would leave behind earning a good salary, even better benefits, and go into business, more so helping other people all day long. Paul Mampilly is one of the few individuals who left an illustrious career on one of the biggest firms on Wall Street, to start his practice in helping people make money. He has come a long way to be one of the most respected moguls on Wall Street, and now he is a research and investment analyst with his investment-consulting firm.

Education and Career

Mampilly arguably has an uncanny gift for picking out stocks that will perform well before the market lurches on. He is not a gambler, but he puts in long hours into research and study of market trends as well as the acquisition of the latest information. This hard work has made him a successful research and investment analyst.

Between 1986 and 1991, Mampilly went to Montclair State University and graduated with honors in BBA, Finance, and Accounting. Four years later, he enrolled at Fordham Graduate School of Business and got his MBA in Finance, until 1997.

His career started as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. He learned the ropes quickly and had a fast ascent on the corporate ladder to become a trusted investor for multi-billion global companies such as ING, Deutsche Bank. When he left Wall Street as an employee, his efforts as a senior Portfolio Manager, saw Kinetics Asset Management named among the World’s Best hedge funds. He founded Capuchin Consulting in January 2013, as a side project while working at Kinetics Asset Management.

Capuchin Consulting

In a recent interview, Mampilly is of the opinion that the market is rigged in certain ways. This is because insiders have access to all the information before it gets to the public. Mampilly wanted to give the ordinary investors working hard all day the knowledge they need to make money in the securities markets.

Mampilly is still as good as he was while at Wall Street, in the 2008/09 fiscal year, Paul Mampilly participated in a high stakes investment competition, with a starting investment amount of $50 million; he grew it to $88 million in a single year, despite the financial meltdown of the period.

His record speaks of a trend setter with a heart of gold.

Find more about Paul Mampilly: https://www.thestreet.com/story/14035455/1/paul-mampillys-profits-unlimited-hits-60000-subscribers.html

David Giertz’s Advice On Social Security

Who is David Giertz?

Having graduated from the University of Miami with an MBA, and Millikin University, provided a platform for David Giertz, to rise to the heights of a financial advisor, in one of the biggest insurance companies. In addition, being a certified Business Coach for the World Association of Business Coaches has earned him the respect of a popular financial advisor. This reputation raised him the position of the president of Nationwide Investment Services, a position he has held with utmost responsibility and dedication, leading to profit revenue of over $17.8 billion.


Facts about David Giertz

Success is earned with time as David proves. He started his prestigious and successful career at the Citigroup, where he served as a financial service advisor. He raised the ranks hitting great records and achieving awards like the ‘World Class Gallup Associate Score’, and being an executive president.What people may not know about David is that he appreciates the society, and is involved in the community organizations. For instance, he has positions at his former university of Millikin, and once served the youth (girl scouts).


French Tribune Interview

David acknowledges an important aspect in the insurance sector, of holding a rapport between the client and the advisors, regarding social security plans (retirement benefits). Most advisors avoid the topic due to its complexity, as their handbook has a lot of rules in regard to social security. According to David, an advisor would risk losing clients if they fail to discuss social security plans. Anyone in the business would want to retain the clients for them to stay relevant in the market. To avoid this challenge, incorporating the financial advisor’s handbook in their rapport with the clients will be a great milestone.


David helps us in realizing that there is a big role that financial advisors should play, in enlightening their clients about social security -that many don’t for reasons mentioned above. Therefore, the next time you are seeking financial advice, consider experts like David. https://vimeo.com/davidgiertz

George Soros And His Desire To Restart The Progressive Movement

There are many people who are hoping to restart the progressive movement after the last election, and this article explains how George Soros is becoming a part of that resurgence. He wants to the liberals in America work hard on the next election, and he hopes to pay off on promises that have been reported in Politico. There are many people who are hanging their hopes on George, and they want to see America governed in a better way because of the world he does. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

#1: Giving To New Campaigns

There are new campaigns to give to in 2018, and George believes that he must have as many partners as possible. He knows that these partners will be quite happy to work with him because they have the same goals he does, and he will help them ensure that they have the help they need to get better results overall. Someone who has questions about how to give may meet with his donor group.

#2: The Summit In DC

The summit that he held in DC was a time for all these donors to come together so that they could learn how to best approach the Trump presidency. They are working together to address every need they have, and they will find that attacking these problems from many sides will make quite a difference. They believe that it makes more sense for them to work on the things that will change their lives, and they know that midterms will alter local politics.

#3: He Is Watching The Economy

George knows that certain people will be excited about a conservative government, and he knows that certain people will jump into the market as a result. He has been careful with his money, and he hopes that others will follow his lead. He wants to show that there are many ways to invest, and he wants people to think about how a conservative government harms everyone. George Soros is a holocaust survivor who does not want to see the world go back to the way it was. He wants to serve all people who have needs, and he hopes that electing more progressive politicians will help. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com

The career of George Soros has made him one of the richest men in the world, and he knows that it is quite important for people to give to causes that will make a difference around them. He is giving to many progressive causes that he knows will make a difference, and he wants them to see a change in the way that they are living every day. He will continue to give because he believes he must be a part of the donor landscape in Washington.

Anthony Petrello Successful Career

Anthony Petrello is not a popular figure in most of the American households. However, he is one of the respected figures in the corporate world. Although he is not always in the televisions like some of the prominent figures in the country, Petrello remains one of the important figures in the country. The few individuals who know him say that he represents the few people in the country who craft the way of life yet remain unappreciated.

Several years ago, Anthony Petrello was considered to be among the most paid CEO’s in the country. In the year 2014, Petrello acquired over sixty-eight million dollars because of his accomplishments in Nabors Industries. The company remains to be the leading natural gas and oil drilling firm in the United States. This was a great level of success for the hedge fund manager, and it attracted admiration and envy from people all over the world. However, the few people who know his personally understand that the businessman is very humble and honest. He deserves every penny he gets.

Most of the individuals in the United States criticize the famous Wall Street for its greedy tactics while those in Main Street suffer. Although the businessman agrees with the sentiments, he believes that the moral code is fairness and respect. Petrello is a brilliant manager and an experienced business strategist who is motivated to change the corporate world. The hedge fund manager believes that his success is achieved because of how he treats his fellow man. This great behavior has helped to create thousands of jobs in the United States. The modern captain has been instrumental in assisting many people in the country to enjoy life and live happily.

Although he is successful, Petrello has had humble beginnings, just like any other individual. At the moment, he is a leader for a robust oil giant that has done in the harsh modern economy. This success, however, did not come easily. Just like any other leader, he did not come with a silver spoon. Petrello and his parents were not wealthy. He did not go to study with world-class tutors a respected trust fund. However, he has made it in life.

Stephen Rotella Takes His Financial Expertise to LIFT

Stephen Rotella, the current president of SCP (Stone Castle Partners) LLC, and renowned philanthropist, was recently appointed to a superior post at a prestigious company. LIFT announced that Rotella would be the new chair of their national board following after outgoing Chairman Micheal Gilligan. Making the announcement, LIFT CEO, Kirsten Lodal said that they were excited to pass the mantle of leadership from one remarkable professional to another at a defining moment in the history of the company. Steve was formerly the chair of their development committee and was lauded for his credible advice as LIFT dealt with the issue of poverty.



In response to his appointment, Stephen expressed his gratitude towards being appointed to a position where he would make a difference in people’s lives. The addition of Stephen to the LIFT organization brings some fresh ideas and insight into the management of the charity.



About Stephen Rotella



Steve has over 30 years experience in strategic and operational leadership with a focus in financial services. His expertise includes retail banking, asset management, marketing, and organizational development. Steve is also known for his role in helping the underprivileged in community and for promoting the arts. He has served on numerous boards including the Seattle Foundation, BalletMet Columbus, and YouthCare. He is also supports Jazz at the Lincoln Center.



Stephen Rotella formerly worked at Chase Mortgage as CEO, it is here that he grew to become the best in finance management. His role was to ensure Chase Mortgage was able to fund many loans. In the days Stephen worked as CEO at Chase Mortgage, the loan rates and terms were good. Stephen later advanced his career by starting StoneCastle. This company is a lending firm that offers short term loans to businesses or other individuals who are interested in financial investments. Furthermore any business that has a cash shortage and is in dire need of a cash advance, can contact StoneCastle for assistance. Stephen’s new position at LIFT is a demonstration of his dedication towards helping others. His charitable works are all in line with his intentions of offering financial empowerment to change the lives of people.