Lime Crime Introduces New Palettes

Lime Crime, a popular cosmetics brand, has recently launched its new line of palettes. It’s called Pocket Candy Palettes, which look exactly like the Polly Pocket toys of the 90s.

The new palettes resemble the Polly Pocket dolls that people used to collect and carry around with them. The main difference between the Polly Pockets of the past and these ones, are that these become eye shadow palettes when you open them up.

It’s available in three difference shades. One of the best things about this are the options you have. This is because there are both neutral and bright shades in each compact.

As for price, each palette costs $34, or you can spend $90 on the entire bundle.

Other Products The Brand Produces

The brand is known for its innovative products and they produce various types of cosmetic products. This includes their line of lipstick products. The company’s lipstick line includes Diamond Crushers, Matte Velvetines, Velve-Tins, Perlees and Unicorn Lipstick.

As for eye shadow products, they carry their new line of Polly Pockets. They also produce Venus Palettes, which are available in three different colors. The Venus Palettes are known as being grunge eye shadow palettes.

They produce a line of hair color that is semi-permanent. It’s called Unicorn Hair and it is vegan friendly. Doe Deere, the CEO of the company, developed the Unicorn Hair over a period of three years.

LimeCrime produces various types of pop-on nails. Some of the products under this category include themes such as Oyster, Black Magic and Baby Baby. Others include Storm, Camel and Lizard.

Highlighter palettes and makeup brushes are also produced and sold by Lime Crime. If you want to buy their products or learn more about them, then you can do so via their website or in select stores.