Kate Hudson of Fabletics Leveraging the Power of Crowd Influence in Purchasing Intent

The growing power of crowd influence on consumer’s intent to purchase is vastly affecting the marketing of brands. In the recent times, consumers are influenced by client’s review on a product. It is undisputed that in fact, for most online shopping channels, clients highly rely on the reviews of seasoned consumers in order to make purchasing decisions. This is because the chasm between online shopping platforms and consumer’s preferences keep evolving. Such is the story of Fabletics, a leading clothing brand for sports.




The current consumers rely on crowd-source reviews with the aim of making the final purchasing decision. In the case of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, the head cheerleader understands the need to constantly monitor the evolving demands of consumers in order to supply their needs. Being a savvy brand in the fashion industry, Kate grasps the basic importance of personalizing these brands according to the client needs. Depending on the shifting demands and consumer behavior, Fabletics is always ready to manufacture exactly what the client needs.


Online Platform


Through the company’s online platform, Fabletics ensures that there is a review of the constant consumer behavior. Since the establishment of the company in 2013, Fabletics has made over 200% in revenue. This translates to approximately $235 million. The number of subscribers is about 1 million with Shawn Gold as the corporate marketing officer being in charge of monitoring the reviews and consumer behavior.


Client Review


Fabletics has thrived on positive client reviews. With the positive growth, Fabletics has expanded its boundaries online. Consumer reviews have directly increased the customer base by improving loyalty as well as customer retention. Presently, consumers rely on digital platforms to make the purchasing decision. Under Kate’s leadership, Fabletics has given women of all sizes a great opportunity to wear athleisure trend. Through active wear, there is a range of all sizes from extra large to extra large by three. According to Kate, there is no need of introducing a new clothing line because the current line accommodates everyone. Kate is convinced that athleisure has provided every woman the opportunity to lead a healthy life through physical comfort during work-outs.




Being visionary about empowering women by building their self esteem, Kate’s mission is to extend a comforting hand to women in their journey to health. This is a mission that Kate Hudson has had since the company was established. Her collection comprises bright colors coupled with trendy styles. The designs have been customized to fit the needs of the clients. Using high-quality fabrics, athleisure offers maximum comfort featuring high-tech style and health. Kate has vastly grown her business to owning about 18 physical retail stores.




Even without a background in business, Kate Hudson has used her career in acting as a stepping stone to generating innovative ideas. As a model, she understands the connection between fashion and personality. She has therefore, used this strategy to bring ideas to Fabletics. Being creative, Kate is determined to bring more ideas to life through her fashion line. Her brain is connected to creativity. Kate is appreciative of her TechStyle family. She acknowledges their input in growing her business.



Athleisure is on the Rise

Athleisure is definitely a term we should all get used to seeing. It is very exciting that more and more casual companies are allowing their employees to wear comfortable clothes while performing their jobs. Having comfortable clothes on while you work can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Fabletics is a company that offers a variety of clothing that fits this description perfectly. Kate Hudson herself has a bright beaming smile and just the thought of her should bring a smile to anyone’s face. The athletic wear through her Fabletics does not disappoint either. The variety of options to choose from along with the quality and especially the prices are incomparable to other brands. You can choose from a variety of styles that will work for everyone, including sports bras, tanks, T-shirts, yoga pants, leggings, capris and shorts.

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Whether you want bright and vibrant colors or more demure and neutral tones, Fabletics has it all. Not only are the clothes stylish, but they are also comfortable and priced where anyone can enjoy them no matter their budget on thekrazycouponlady.com. They are designed to enhance the bodies of all women no matter the shape and size and offer smoothing of the bumps and lumps while holding in the tummy for a more slimmer figure. All women want to feel pretty and for their bodies to look the best they can and Fabletics can help do this. Kate herself made sure the clothing would work for everyone.

The price of clothing from Fabletics cannot be beat. No longer do you have to break the bank to purchase workout wear. When you become a VIP member you can purchase quality clothing at great prices. No matter what type of exercise you do, Fabletics has something for everyone. Whether you love to run or workout in a gym, you can find something with this brand that is stylish and affordable.

Feeling comfortable while working out along with wearing something that is stylish and inexpensive is priority and with Fabletics you can have it all.

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