Mometum Building for Equities First Holdings

In 2016 Equities First Holdings LLC relocated their Melbourne office; the office is now located in the middle of Melbourne, Australia to increase accessibility to clients. As their Australian section of the company continues to grow, the company decided to move this office to a more populated area. The Melbourne branch is one of three other locations that EFH has in Australia. Equities First Holdings currently has a presence in nine countries and has completed more than 700 transactions since its founding in 2002. Over 14 years Equity First Holdings has issued more than $1.4 billion.

What does EFH specialize in?

EFH specializes in a unique approach in providing loans to their customers. Unlike traditional margin loans that banks offer, loans with EFH are collateralized by stocks. The company evaluates the risk of stocks, bonds, and treasuries to decide how they should secure their loans. Finances backed stocks are exposed to higher risks while those secured by treasuries are exposed to much lower risks. Due to this type of flexible loan strategy, the company is able to deliver finances tailored to fit specific customer needs to learn more:,-LLC-1 click here.

EFH is able to approve requests with higher loan to value (LTV) than most banks, at lower fixed rates. As banks began tightening regulations after the Great Recession, this lending strategy started to gain momentum. By keeping the fixed rates low, Equities First Holdings should expect to see even more clients as bank interest rates continue to climb. EFH currently has offices located in the United States, China, United Kingdom, Australia, and others; therefore, if this lending strategy continues successful.

The presence of EFH in more countries in the near future should be expected.