Jeffry Schneider: The Experienced CEO of Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital, LLC Founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider, works very hard to be one of the top alternative investment advisors in the field. He runs a tight ship at Ascendant. Before he created the company, Jeffry worked for numerous top-tier firms, such as, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. While there, he deepened his already existing knowledge of alternative investing. After working for these firms he went on to become a valued member of the management team of Axiom Capital Management. His role with this company was to make sure that the hedge fund managers they did business with were a match for their various clientele. By building close relationships with these managers, Jeffry not only helped his firm but also helped advise them on the best ways to build their investment portfolios.


With Jeffry as the CEO, Ascendant Capital began its journey with only two employees and now there is over thirty team members. The company has raised over a billion dollars for several different managers and works closely with many different family offices, broker dealers, and investment advisors, to help them profit and to further invest their capital in ventures, such as, auto dealerships, tech companies, and real estate. One of the biggest reasons for Ascendant’s success is its culture of trust and encouragement, and this has been built from the ground-up by Jeffry himself. He knows that without these as a foundation, nothing else matters. Business’s come and go, but teams that stick together through thick and thing don’t.


As an avid traveler, Jeffry Schneider has visited parts of Europe, Asia, and South America and hopes to be able to experience Australia, Brazil, and Cuba some day. When he’s not participating in half ironman challenges in places like Croatia, New Zealand, Chile, or Saint Croix, he is experiencing the culture of the region he visits, first-hand. His love for the food, people, and lifestyle of rural Thailand and Budapest has made these two places a favorite of his. He especially appreciates their ability to live life without the technology needs of the western world.