Goetti’s Tips To Maintain Optimal Energy Effeciency

Most consumers would agree that air conditioning their home during the dog days of summer is a necessary luxury that does not come cheaply. Fortunately, Goetti’s HVAC experts have the expertise necessary to help minimize those cost while maximizing the efficiency of cooling systems.

Good AC Maintenance Is Paramount

The experts at Goetti suggest a series of regular maintenance activity to keep HVAC systems running with optimal efficiency.

Make Use Of Ceiling Fans

  • Keep system clear of debris
  • Keep HVAC or AC at least two feet away from any vegetation
  • Replace air filter once every 90 days
  • Periodically inspect refrigerant lines for leaks

While true that ceiling fans alone will most times not be adequate to cool your home, they can be a vital tool for keeping cooling system expenses to a minimum. Ceiling fans provide better circulation in rooms and can increase the distance that conditioned air can travel. Ceiling fans use less energy than a 100 watt light bulb so the savings can be great.

Be Smart

This is not to suggest that the customer is lacking smarts but perhaps his thermostat is. Studies have shown that proper thermostat adjustment is a key ingredient to keeping cooling costs down. Goetti’s experts suggest a programmable thermostat to make this process more efficient. Check out hvacrbusiness.com for more.

Have It Made In The Shade

It is common knowledge that people feel much cooler in the shade than in the direct path of the sun. This principle applies also to cooling systems. HVAC systems that sit in direct sunlight have to work much harder to cool the same volume of air as a unit that is placed in a shaded area.

Goettl hopes that these tips will help consumers save money while battling the worst of the summer heat. This should come to as no surprise for a company that has been dedicated to meeting the needs of the people in the HVAC history since the company began in 1926.

Goetti’s list of services includes the installation and repairing of AC’s, HVAC’s, and heat pumps. Goetti also provides a host of other services. The company services the northern and Central Arizona areas. Check out goettlshdm.com to see more.

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