Dr. Mark McKenna, a Medical Doctor in Surgery and Medicine

Dr. Mark McKenna lives in Atlanta, United States. He is the founder of ShapeMed (Shape Medical Wellness Center located in Atlanta GA. Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical practitioner by the Louisiana and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He holds a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Tulane, School of medicine. Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated practitioner as well as being an aggressive entrepreneur. He is one person who is dedicated very much to helping the community in the provision of medical services. One of the areas of health care that Dr. McKenna is involved in is in helping patients who have weight loss problems. He has a comprehensive solution to weight loss challenges. He is also good in Non-Surgical Aesthetic procedures. After completing his medical studies at the Tulane University, McKenna stayed in New Orleans and assist his father in his medical practice. He also took his time to establish a real estate venture capital firm. Dr. McKenna is known to very knowledgeable in his areas of practice. It is for that reason that he was able to start and run ShapeMed.

Shape Medical Wellness Center is the biggest non-surgical aesthetics and weight loss solutions, provider. The firm has highly trained specialists in the areas of dentistry and nutrition. Dr.McKenna helps his patients with affordable, convenient, and sustainable wellness and weight loss solutions. The approach in addressing every individual is unique. Every medical solution is tailor made according to ones’ health status.

Apart from investment in the medical services, McKenna also took time to invest in the real estate sector. He owned a venture firm that was engaged in developing real estate establishments all over New Orleans. He was able to grow the firm to become a leading company in the state. In addition to real estate development, he was also offering mortgage services to the people as well as real estate closing services. He was also able to raise the workforce of the firm to more than 50 employees. In 2017, he established the OVME, another medical firm aimed at providing elective healthcare to the people.