White Shark Media: Your Perfect Partner for Adword Success

With so many advertising assistance companies and SEO marketing startups, business owners have their heads spinning on where they should invest their money. Thankfully, White Shark Media is one of the few reputable ones in the internet marketing industry.

Being ranked 3 years in a row in Ink 5000 website as one of the fastest growing sites in the internet marketing niche, White Shark Media has found ways to help clients leverage the power of Adwords for business success. The company is currently a premier partner of Google Adwords, and is guaranteed to serve you with an expertise that only a handful of AdWords partners have.

How Does It Work?

Small and medium sized business owners may face difficulties finding consumers and marketing their business online. When they avail of White Shark Media services, their advertisements are placed on Adwords which are searchable on Google.com and several Adsense websites. This, in turn allows targeted audiences to take notice of the advertisements which allows the businesses to grow and gain online presence.

Why White Shark Media Works

From education services, software businesses and jewelry stores, many people have sent in testimonials about how White Shark Media has helped them gain customers for their businesses. Their fool-proof capability is best fit for the new business owners who have no idea about internet marketing, or who are struggling to find clients online. Tried and tested since 2010, White Shark Media has gained reputation and eventually found big clients from various sectors such as the iMarine Inc., A Star Movers Texas, and Platinum Pro Painters Canada.

Creating a Successful Search Engine Campaign



As a business owner running a Search Engine Campaign is not an option, it is mandatory. That is how you generate traffic on your website. A lot of the Search Engine regulations have changed over the years. However, one factor has remained relevant; the SEO keywords.

The dilemma that most people face is in deciding how to use their keywords to get a higher ranking. Most use Search Engines tend to focus on the number of keywords that have been used. If you are not careful with the number of keywords use, you will end up stuffing the keywords.

For you to avoid overusing of them; use the keywords in the title, the main headline, meta description and on the page content.

There are a few steps that you can use to be able to choose the right keyword:


Keyword research: start off by searching all the keywords that are relevant to your website. Researching the keywords will give you insight into what your customers want. There are different tools that you can use to help you with your research.

Group your keywords into categories: each page on your website will be serving a specific intent. So, list the keywords according to the information you want to provide.

Use the Keywords as a headline: once you have identified the problem you want to solve with your content, use the keywords to choose an appropriate title.

Use the synonyms: the search engines will understand the keyword variations as long as the information used remains the same.

Keep in mind that the keyword targeting is not only about the keywords but the search queries. A query is usually a question directed to the search engines to solve a problem. The keyword used will be displayed according to the search query.

About White Shark Media

If you are confused on how you can run a successful search engine campaign, you need to get in touch with the White Shark Media. This is a Company that was created to help the small businesses who cannot manage their Ad campaigns.

White Shark Media delivers online marketing solutions to aid in successful online advertising. Since its inception, the Company has received great reception from different business owners. They were ranked as the fastest growing online advertising agencies in North America.

White Shark Media uses Google Analytics integration, keyword tracking, and proprietary reporting software to manage your Advertisement.


Wikipedia Calls for Editors to Focus on Increasing Information on Indigenous Peoples

Upon realizing that Wikipedia lacks information about indigenous groups of people, a conference was orchestrated to address this issue. Wikipedia editors and enthusiasts attended the Wikiconference North America and met with the indigenous communities. The event was aimed at creating articles about indigenous groups and the Native Americans. As from 2012, there has been an increase in women working as Wikipedia editors. The increase in female writers has expanded the scope of articles written to address areas such as life sciences, health, and women issues.

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that most editors tend to edit articles from other regions of the world and rarely edit those from their country. This trend has contributed to the marginalization of certain groups such as the indigenous communities in North America. The same year, a report by FCC revealed that 63 percent of the people living on tribal lands lack access to 25Mbps/3Mbps broadband.

This lack of access coupled with Wikipedia policies could be the reason why there are few articles about indigenous communities. In 2013, an English professor worked with his students to compile articles about Native American authors. Most of the articles written were not approved since they lacked notability. After a series of reviews, it is now possible to add content about indigenous people on Wikipedia without restrictions.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki has been helping people from all walks of life to create and edit Wikipedia articles about various topics. All Wikipedia pages are properly written and formatted, and contain valid information with reliable references. Wikipedia being the most common website in the world is quite important for business owners who wish to publicize their businesses.

Wikipedia is quite flexible since anyone can edit a Wikipedia page whether or not it was created by them. Since not everyone has great editing intentions, Get Your Wiki offers a monitoring system that reviews all Wikipedia revisions to ensure that they are beneficial. Wikipedia pages can be translated to any language in the world. This enables different people from different regions to view the same information when they need it. Get Your Wiki’s team of skilled Wiki experts can help business owners to translate their articles to their desired language. This translation aspect enables them to relate to different communities while adhering to their rules and guidelines.

Benefits of having Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is a valuable marketing tool, and you can leverage it to promote your business. The information on Wikipedia is editable from time to time and helps in building the reputation of your business. A Wikipedia page can also boost the prestige, credibility, and authenticity of your business.