Jeunesse Global takes multivitamins to next level with AM PM Essentials

In today’s ruthlessly competitive job environment, any edge that a worker can get over their colleagues can provide the means to quickly ascend the corporate ladder. This means that it is important to maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day. Even in some of the most competitive environments, tiny edges can add up to big gains over the years. Someone who is able to maintain just a slightly higher level of output than their coworkers can expect to be noticed by upper management. And because the average employee may have as many as 20 opportunities for advancement over the course of a typical career, getting those promotions at a higher rate than one’s coworkers can make the difference between ending a career with a $10 million pension or relying on Social Security.


One of the most important aspects of keeping that productivity edge over others in the office is that ability to stay consistently productive throughout the whole workday. Many studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of work is accomplished within the first three hours of the workday. After the lunch break, many employees’ productivity levels fall off dramatically, leading to a golden opportunity for those looking for that extra edge over their coworkers.


The reasons for this productivity drop off turn out to be rooted firmly in biology. People are most alert after they wake up. This, combined with the cumulative effects of working hard, lead to fatigue. While fatigue is natural and unavoidable, there are certain substances that can temporarily reverse it. However, these substances, largely stimulants, come with a cost.


Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the top brands in the global health and beauty industry, has developed a solution to the problem of stimulant usage, one of the primary ways of boosting productivity throughout the workday. The main problem with using stimulants throughout the day is that it can lead to insomnia at night. AM PM Essentials is formulated to give users that energy boost they need throughout the day while allowing them to effectively wind down at night, ensuring that they get a full night’s rest and awake the next day, ready to take on the world.

A look at Robert Deignan: Technological Industry Expert

Beginning in 2011, Robert Deignan has acted as CEO of tech company, ATS Digital services. However, his experience and influence in the Tech world really began years earlier, only three years after receiving his Bachelors degree from Purdue University in Organizational Leadership. In 1998, Robert started his first business, Fanlink, as a way to expand his passion for technology. His experience in running his own business early on in his career laid the groundwork for his future success working with software company, iS3 Inc.

iS3 Inc. gave Robert Deignan an outlet to explore his passion for technology at an even deeper level while acting as Vice President. In 2011 Robert Deignan felt that he was ready to combine his past knowledge and experiences that he gained while working with Fanlink and iS3 Inc. to start up ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan has continued to grow ATS Digital Services by adopting the latest technological advancement while being Co-Founder and CEO. His twenty years of industry experience has led Deignan to emphasize positive customer experiences for those that utilize his company. This firm emphases on customer service allowed for ATS to become the first company that has been certified by AppEsteem, awarded to companies that continually gives superior service in the tech world.

ATS Digital Service focuses on different technological support services such as installation support and digital data management, allowing for the company to act as a one stop technological stop for all a customers digital needs. Robert understands the stress that customers can feel when it comes to technological support and that is why he makes sure to make the process for them as easy as possible by ensuring that the people he employs are knowledgeable and kind.

Robert’s 40,000 hours of on the job experience is not the only passion that holds a place in his heart. An avid fisherman and boatsman, the success and drive that he has in his career has followed him to the Atlantic Ocean, by winning the 79th Annual Silver Sailfish Derby. This just further illuminates the idea that wherever Robert Deignan goes, success follows.

Stream Energy: A Winning Company Model

Stream Energy is no doubt a company that’s after the heart of the community. It is evident that they have no ulterior motive. They sincerely care about the well-being of the people in the community. No company would make the sacrifices that Stream Energy has made unless they genuinely cared. For example, Hurricane Harvey was a storm that will never be forgotten. Houston Texas went from being normal to being underwater. The storm dumped close to 60 inches of rain, leaving many of the residents displaced from their homes. Many were killed, lost loved ones, and even their pets. Stream Energy used Stream Cares, which their philanthropy organization created for community is giving. They were one of the first responders to the aftermath of the hurricane. What was most fascinating about their giving is that they used money that they earned from energy sales to fund the recovery. Whether anticipated or not, giving of this magnitude is enhancing the reputation of Stream Energy. The company is becoming more attractive to prospective associates as well as to customers. Associates at Stream play a major role in the success of the company as well. They manage the customer’s client base by ensuring that they always have what they need. They also meet with new prospective customers to explain to them the services that Stream Energy offers at a discounted rate. The business model is set up so that everyone wins. Associates don’t have to come into an office and work a particular shift for a certain amount of hours. They are essentially independent contractors that own their own business. They earn commissions on every sale that they close. Associates also get to participate in sponsored events by helping serve the people in the community. Clients get to enjoy great services at a discounted rate. Adverse circumstances can happen at a moment’s notice. There is nothing that prepares one for the sudden loss of a loved one and their home. It is reassuring that Stream Energy is there to help pick up the pieces. They are indeed the very definition of philanthropy in the rarest form.

Why Aloha Construction is the Trusted Company for Homeowners

There is a reason so many people have put their trust into the company known as Aloha Construction. The Aloha Construction company has recently won the BBB Torch Award, which is an award only given to the top companies in their fields. It means that the company winning the award has proven to be reliable, trustworthy and has received overwhelming positive feedback showing that all of these traits are true. This is the reason so many people have chosen Aloha Construction and are finding the company to be one of the very best that they have ever had to work with for their home’s needs.

When you make use of this as an option for your home, you’re going to find this to be quite helpful and beneficial in lots of different ways. In fact, if you would like to make use of the Aloha Construction company, it is crucial that you contact them and figure out what you want and need when hiring them. There is a reason a lot of people have chosen these professionals, and it has a lot to do with the fact that they are trustworthy and highly reliable when doing this type of work for their customers.

You are going to find the Aloha Construction company to be one of the very best out there. You will want to contact them to find out more about what they can do for you and how much they charge for their services. They will let you know when and how they will take you on as one of their clients. This is the reason you’re going to want to give this particular company a try for yourself, and it is a good time to consider this because you need to have these types of projects done on the home and know that it is something that is going to be highly beneficial for you in the long run. There’s no reason to worry yourself over projects at home when you are going to be able to hire a good company and get the job done right away.

Kerrisdale Capital Releases Negative Report on Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

Sahm Adrangi’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, released a unfavorable report on some of the recent findings of the Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. company. Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. (PTI) is a biopharmaceutical company that works to develop new drugs and test them clinically. PTI’s lead drug in development is called PTI-428. This drug is intended to treat the effects of cystic fibrosis by boosting the messenger RNA and proteins to the CFTR gene that is believed to cause these debilitating effects, effects which are eventually fatal.

In December, PTI released results from a trial that seemed to show the drug was working. The stock market responded to these findings with approximately a 100% jump in the company’s stock prices. The FDA even granted the drug a “breakthrough therapy” designation based on the report. Sahm Adrangi’s firm decided to take a closer look at the results of the trial. The trial seemed to show the effectiveness of the drug when it compared the test group and a placebo/control group. The report released by Sahm Adrangi’s firm, Kerrisdale Capital, said that the the test group didn’t exactly do unusually well, but that rather the control group under-performed. When compared to proper benchmarks, the drug actually had little to no effect. The unbalanced report issued by PTI is Phase 2 of testing. Their Phase 1 report showed much the same that Kerrisdale Capital found: no statistically-proven improvement.

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital in 2009 and remains its Chief Financial Officer. In the past, his firm has exposed fraudulent findings from several Chinese medical companies. Sahm Adrangi’s reports have to lead to those companies receiving enforcement actions from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sahm Adrangi’s report concerning PTI said the company had “little value” and that there was a 70% – 90% downside to purchasing their stock. As seen with other companies in the past, PTI may become subject to enforcement and loss of stock value due to Kerrisdale Capital taking a second look.

Talk Fusion to Fuse Technology with Marketing

On March 2016, Talk Fusion launched the full version of their Talk Fusion Video Chat app. The app uses WebRTC technology to enable users to communicate face-to-face from anywhere and can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Stores. The communication platform revolutionized cross-communication since it is compatible with several devices including desktops, smartphones, and tablet.



Communications Solutions Product of the Year Awards



Five months after the full version was launched, the Video Chat app was awarded the 2016 communications solutions products award. The award, which is presented by the Technology Marketing Corporation, is given as an honor to exceptional products and services in the communications industry. To be given the award, the product or service either must be new in the market and doing exceptionally well or have improved in terms of performance within the last twelve months.



The award was the second in a row Talk Fusion was receiving in 2016. TMC CEO Rich Tehrani acknowledged the good work Talk Fusion was doing and mentioned that the video chat app was the best in the market. Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina said the communications company was just getting started. He promised that the IT team would continue working hard and always stay ahead of the curve to provide All-in-One Video Marketing Solution.



The company’s Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page, on the other hand, said the award was an indication of the effort Talk Fusion team was putting in their work. He also said the award signified the importance of their processes and that is how they managed to come up with an efficient application.



Other Achievements



Within a span of one year, the company also managed to introduce their free trial WebRTC Recorder and launched their new website.



About Talk Fusion



Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 and it became the first ever all-in-one Video Marketing Solution in the world. The company deals with the provision of marketing solutions to businesses by offering dynamic ways that make the entire marketing process easy.



By using video chats, Talk Fusion helps their customers make the marketing experience become memorable, more engaging and persuasive. The company operates in over 140 countries. If you wish to join their Video Marketing Solution, you are given a 30-day free trial with no credit card requirements.



Highland Capital

Management: Choosing A Renowned Investment Advisory Firm


Highland Capital Management is a reliable investment advisory firm that provides superior services to both new and current clients around the nation. This trusted firm has been meeting the needs of their clients and is well known in the industry.


If you are in need of a trusted investment management firm to guide you on investment or money management matters, check out Highland Capital Management right away.


Investment planning or management can be difficult to understand sometimes, and it is the responsibility of the money management or investment advisor to explain it to the client.


Highland Capital Management comes recommended in the industry due to their outstanding investment management and financial services. The company has been in business since 1987 and is well recognized as one of the leading investment advisory firms in the industry.


Handling your investment matters is not something to be taken lightly. It requires a team of experienced professionals who has great expertise and knowledge in all aspects of the investment field. Experts can render the advice and guidance you need to choose the right investment options and to manage your investment portfolio or grow your existing portfolio of investments.


Before deciding on a team to handle or advise you on investment or money management, it is extremely important to do your home work. When it comes to financial planning, money management or investments, it is imperative that you consult Highland Capital Management.


The team at Highland Capital Management will discuss with you, evaluate your situation, and then come up with the right options or choices for you. Highland Capital takes pride that numerous organizations, professionals, business owners and high-profile clients rely on them to provide them with top notch investment and financial advisory services. Their clients are happy with the quality of investment and money management services the company provides.


Clients turn to Highland Capital Management and their professionals to render the advice and guidance they need to meet their investment and financial goals. At Highland Capital, professionals take the time to develop the right investment plan or strategy for their clients’ situation.