Starting a Business

If you want to start a business, you need to have a plan for success. A lot of people have the passion to start a business, but without a plan you will end up with a lot of wasted time and money. Eric Lefkofsky is the type of person who is always willing to take a chance in order to get where he needs to go in life. Not only does he have a track record of success in helping others, but he truly believes in the work that he is doing for his clients. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is most successful entrepreneurs making to his business. If you want to invest for the future, Eric Lefkofsky is a person to learn from.

Eric Lefkofsky

From the time that he started his first business, Eric Lefkofsky has always wanted to make an impact on the world. There are a lot of people who look up to his hard work and success in variety of areas. Not only does he truly care about clients, but he wants to help them in a variety of ways as well. There are a lot of people who want to invest for their future in a new business. Not only can this help drive growth, but it can also help you figure out what is best for your future. There are many people who are excited about treatment work that he is doing with his companies.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Eric Lefkofsky wants to help as many clients as possible. Not only can this drive growth for the future, but Eric Lefkofsky wants to make a major impact on the world as well.

A lot of people are excited about the changes that are coming for Eric Lefkofsky and his companies. He knows that he will be able to help others through his work, and that is the passion that keeps him going when things get tough.

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Clay Siegall’s Contributions in Cancer Therapy


Cancer has been and still is a disease that is dreaded all over the world. However, to a person that has dedicated his life to trying to find its cure is Clay Siegall. From the time he started his biomedical studies, his main aim has been to better the lives of people who have cancer. Since 2002, Siegall has been working at the Seattle Genetics as its CEO and as the chairman of the health Center’s board. Here, he has led others in doing research in trying to find possible ways in which cancer patients can get relief from it. This has also included extensive therapies.

About Siegall’s Career

From George Washington University is where he got his Ph.D. in Genetics. He did not directly rise to his current position, but instead, he started as a Research Investigator in an institute known to provide Pharmaceutical research. He was later promoted to become the head of scientists in the institution. It was at this stage that he developed his Seattle Genetics, which he later officially launched it.

About his achievements

After launching his medical center, he then focused on research. His desire to truly help people with cancer led him to conduct even more and thorough research including cancer therapy in a bid to achieve his goals. Being the leader of Seattle Genetics, he was able to guide other scientists and eventually they developed the first ever antibody-drug conjugates also known as ADCs and in 2011, the drug was approved for use by patients. He together with his group of scientists went on to develop other drugs for the same purpose.

Siegall has also succeeded as a leader by making it possible for Seattle Genetics to receive more funds through fundraising that has seen the health center succeed in its quest without major financial hiccups.

Due to his good work, Siegall has been rewarded with various awards. He has also been named as the entrepreneur of the year because of his leadership skills and ambitions.

According to Peoplze on its official website, their relationship with Siegall is one to be cherished. They view him as one person who holds the key to finally acquiring the necessary treatment for cancer. With the growth of technology, Siegall intends to develop a technological device that will help people determine whether they have any cancer. His efforts to save the community from cancer can therefore not be underestimated.