Jeunesse Global takes multivitamins to next level with AM PM Essentials

In today’s ruthlessly competitive job environment, any edge that a worker can get over their colleagues can provide the means to quickly ascend the corporate ladder. This means that it is important to maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day. Even in some of the most competitive environments, tiny edges can add up to big gains over the years. Someone who is able to maintain just a slightly higher level of output than their coworkers can expect to be noticed by upper management. And because the average employee may have as many as 20 opportunities for advancement over the course of a typical career, getting those promotions at a higher rate than one’s coworkers can make the difference between ending a career with a $10 million pension or relying on Social Security.


One of the most important aspects of keeping that productivity edge over others in the office is that ability to stay consistently productive throughout the whole workday. Many studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of work is accomplished within the first three hours of the workday. After the lunch break, many employees’ productivity levels fall off dramatically, leading to a golden opportunity for those looking for that extra edge over their coworkers.


The reasons for this productivity drop off turn out to be rooted firmly in biology. People are most alert after they wake up. This, combined with the cumulative effects of working hard, lead to fatigue. While fatigue is natural and unavoidable, there are certain substances that can temporarily reverse it. However, these substances, largely stimulants, come with a cost.


Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the top brands in the global health and beauty industry, has developed a solution to the problem of stimulant usage, one of the primary ways of boosting productivity throughout the workday. The main problem with using stimulants throughout the day is that it can lead to insomnia at night. AM PM Essentials is formulated to give users that energy boost they need throughout the day while allowing them to effectively wind down at night, ensuring that they get a full night’s rest and awake the next day, ready to take on the world.

Bob Reina: He’s Always Been Ready

Bob Reina is living proof that people can make changes in life and they can turn out even better than they expected. It all changed for Bob Reina when he started up Talk Fusion in 2007. It is quite hard to believe it has been that long, and it truly shows how fast time flies by in today’s world. One minute, there is the first iPhone, and now they have released the iPhone 10. Technology is changing all of the time, and it will never stay the same. Bob Reina saw more and more people were using their phones and phones were capable of a lot more than just text messages and phone calls. Back in the day, people only used their phones for emergencies. That has changed, without question.  Learn more:


Bob Reina really felt like he was onto something with Talk Fusion, and he wanted to be ahead of the game. He wanted to beat others to the punch because he knew he had the right leadership skills and the right people skills. He also knew it could make a drastic difference in people’s lives. It was only a matter of time. That is how most successful businesses get started: people have an idea before anyone else. He saw a market where people would be using phones and other technology to work from home.


If people had the choice to work from home or work at a regular office, they would pick working from home. There are actually fewer distractions at home because they can focus and it is quiet. There is not a coworker that is going to gossip to them or tell them their life story. They can simply focus on the task at hand, and they can really do what they want to do as opposed to what someone else is telling them to do.


They are in the driver’s seat, and they don’t plan on handing over the keys to anyone else. When they obtain this type of joy, it really pushes them to a whole new level of greatness. It’s hard to ignore that impact.

Gregory Aziz Success Story At National Steel Car

A leader is a very important part in any organization. A leader will always have an essential role to play in the performance of a company, especially in the tough markets. With the changing times, investors are realizing that they have to be keen when choosing the executive who will be in charge of the company when they are away. Most investors will take time to interview and research before they can finally choose a candidate who will be best suitable for the position in hand. If you have been in the corporate long enough, you must have discovered the fact that all of the successful companies have in the market have leaders who are not only hard working but very committed to the roles they have to play.


National Steel Car is among the large organizations that have enjoyed a great performance in the global market for the last decade. The company is considered to have an influential leader who has taken his position with the seriousness needed, and he has also made sure that the company operations are carried out in the best way. National Steel Car is also among the giants in the car manufacturing arena, and it has been dominating the market ever since it appointed Gregory Aziz to the position of chief executive officer. Aziz was also recently promoted to the position of chairman because of his efforts in making his company a leader. Aziz had gone against all odds in the complicated market, and he has even introduced the innovations that are needed to make a company successful.


Gregory Aziz did not start his success culture when he joined National Steel Car. The professionals who have worked with him in the finance sector can tell about his story too well. The businessman has always been interested in company leadership, and he always displayed his wisdom whenever he was making any important decisions in the finance world. See Related Link for more information.


People close to the finance executive knew that he was going to have an impressive career life because of the kind of commitment he had for any task under his belt. Greg Aziz is among the highly qualified professionals in the Canadian market. Aziz has worked in several finance companies in his career life. Most of his positions have ended up very successful because of the hard work he has shown. Gregory Aziz is a leader who has all the expert qualities, and he never misses a chance to improve his company.


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Backpage Seized and Lacey and Larkin Arrested Amidst Moral Panic

Amidst the United States governments’ crackdown on sex work and sex workers, the online listings site has been seized. The site, which was previously a safe haven for women in the sex work industry to post advertisements and have a relatively safe way to contact customers, was seized on April 6th, the same day that site founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested and jailed.

Michael Lacey, co-founder of Backpage and First Amendment proponent, was planning on celebrating his recent wedding on April 7th, but this was a no-go after the FBI raided his house in an armed invasion and arrested him and his business partner.

The reason for the raid and arrest? Essentially, a moral outcry, including claims that the website sold children for sex. Consensual adult sex work and advertising, however, is significantly different from sex trafficking, which involves minors, who by rule cannot consent. Thankfully, the FBI’s own statistics don’t support the “epidemic” that many proponents of the Backpage shutdown seem to think is happening.

The seizing of Backpage is only one part of the crusade against theoretically “morally indecent” websites.

The recently passed Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which passed on February 27th, and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), which makes it illegal for anyone to knowingly support or assist a violation of sex trafficking laws, sound good in principle, but in a world where the “moral minority” includes homophobes and those vehemently opposed to a woman’s right to choice, these laws can have devastating effects. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Afraid of the potential legal problems that may occur as a result of supporting sex work and sexually explicit material, Craigslist has shut down its personals section, Reddit has deleted subreddits relating to sex work, Microsoft has banned “offensive language” in its terms of service, and many other websites and services have taken similar steps.

Along with the shutting down of Backstage, these changes could spell doom for sex workers and make it impossible for them to safely find clients. FOSTA became law on April 11th.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have a long history of standing up for First Amendment rights in the face of unjust political situations. In 1970, along with others, they founded the Phoenix New Times in response to unjust coverage of political protests at their college.

That one newspaper soon grew into an empire, which became Village Voice Media, and consisted of Phoenix New Times plus sixteen alternative newspapers.

In 2007, they were arrested under the administration of Joe Arpaio on charges that later turned out to be bogus, and were really a result of Lacey and Larkin speaking out against Arpaio’s many illegal acts against immigrants and non-white Arizonians. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The Maricopa County court eventually recognized how illegal this act was in 2013, paying $3.75 million to Larkin and Lacey to settle a lawsuit. Lacey and Larkin used the money from the settlement to found the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization dedicated to helping Latin-American groups.

A look at Robert Deignan: Technological Industry Expert

Beginning in 2011, Robert Deignan has acted as CEO of tech company, ATS Digital services. However, his experience and influence in the Tech world really began years earlier, only three years after receiving his Bachelors degree from Purdue University in Organizational Leadership. In 1998, Robert started his first business, Fanlink, as a way to expand his passion for technology. His experience in running his own business early on in his career laid the groundwork for his future success working with software company, iS3 Inc.

iS3 Inc. gave Robert Deignan an outlet to explore his passion for technology at an even deeper level while acting as Vice President. In 2011 Robert Deignan felt that he was ready to combine his past knowledge and experiences that he gained while working with Fanlink and iS3 Inc. to start up ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan has continued to grow ATS Digital Services by adopting the latest technological advancement while being Co-Founder and CEO. His twenty years of industry experience has led Deignan to emphasize positive customer experiences for those that utilize his company. This firm emphases on customer service allowed for ATS to become the first company that has been certified by AppEsteem, awarded to companies that continually gives superior service in the tech world.

ATS Digital Service focuses on different technological support services such as installation support and digital data management, allowing for the company to act as a one stop technological stop for all a customers digital needs. Robert understands the stress that customers can feel when it comes to technological support and that is why he makes sure to make the process for them as easy as possible by ensuring that the people he employs are knowledgeable and kind.

Robert’s 40,000 hours of on the job experience is not the only passion that holds a place in his heart. An avid fisherman and boatsman, the success and drive that he has in his career has followed him to the Atlantic Ocean, by winning the 79th Annual Silver Sailfish Derby. This just further illuminates the idea that wherever Robert Deignan goes, success follows.

National Steel Car Under Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz currently heads national Steel Car Company. Greg holds several positions in the firm such as being the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President. National Steel Car Company is a railroad manufacturing, engineering and assembling service provider that is located in Hamilton in Ontario. It is one of the top companies in the industry. It serves its wide-ranging customer base with its quality services.

Greg James is a native of Ontario, London. He was born on April 30th, 1949. He joined Ridley College for his tertiary studies and later proceeded to the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in economics. He graduated with honors and went back to his home place.

At home, Greg J. Aziz joined his family business enterprise called Affiliated Foods in the year 1971. The family business involved in wholesaling of fresh foods. He helped the firm to grow from a local company to being an internationally recognized fresh foods producer. Within 16 years, the company had already secured food imports from various places such as Europe, South and Central America. The firm became a leading supplier of fresh food products to Canada and all over the United States.

Greg Aziz also held various positions in different investment banking enterprises within New York in the period between 1980 and 1990. He received high-quality skills and experience that he used later in his career life. Gregory James organized for the acquisition of the National Steel Car firm in the year 1994. Dofasco formerly owned the company. Gregory James Aziz purchased the company aiming at making it a top railroad freight manufacturer and developer in the whole of North America.


Gregory led the firm through various transformation levels. Gregory J Aziz guided the organization by the employment of teamwork, strong engineering abilities, and capital and human investments to expand National Steel Car. Within a considerable timeline, the company grew its productivity from 3,500 to 12,000 cars annually from the purchase time to 1999. The firm was also able to raise its employment zeal from 600 employees at the time of purchase to 3,000 staff members by 1999.


Presently, the company is a leader in steel car innovation in North America. It also builds numerous railroad freight every year. It received its accreditation to allow it to perform its functions within the regulatory guideline of the law. It has won various honorable awards since Gregory James Aziz purchased it. See This Page to learn more.



Stream Energy: A Winning Company Model

Stream Energy is no doubt a company that’s after the heart of the community. It is evident that they have no ulterior motive. They sincerely care about the well-being of the people in the community. No company would make the sacrifices that Stream Energy has made unless they genuinely cared. For example, Hurricane Harvey was a storm that will never be forgotten. Houston Texas went from being normal to being underwater. The storm dumped close to 60 inches of rain, leaving many of the residents displaced from their homes. Many were killed, lost loved ones, and even their pets. Stream Energy used Stream Cares, which their philanthropy organization created for community is giving. They were one of the first responders to the aftermath of the hurricane. What was most fascinating about their giving is that they used money that they earned from energy sales to fund the recovery. Whether anticipated or not, giving of this magnitude is enhancing the reputation of Stream Energy. The company is becoming more attractive to prospective associates as well as to customers. Associates at Stream play a major role in the success of the company as well. They manage the customer’s client base by ensuring that they always have what they need. They also meet with new prospective customers to explain to them the services that Stream Energy offers at a discounted rate. The business model is set up so that everyone wins. Associates don’t have to come into an office and work a particular shift for a certain amount of hours. They are essentially independent contractors that own their own business. They earn commissions on every sale that they close. Associates also get to participate in sponsored events by helping serve the people in the community. Clients get to enjoy great services at a discounted rate. Adverse circumstances can happen at a moment’s notice. There is nothing that prepares one for the sudden loss of a loved one and their home. It is reassuring that Stream Energy is there to help pick up the pieces. They are indeed the very definition of philanthropy in the rarest form.

Why Aloha Construction is the Trusted Company for Homeowners

There is a reason so many people have put their trust into the company known as Aloha Construction. The Aloha Construction company has recently won the BBB Torch Award, which is an award only given to the top companies in their fields. It means that the company winning the award has proven to be reliable, trustworthy and has received overwhelming positive feedback showing that all of these traits are true. This is the reason so many people have chosen Aloha Construction and are finding the company to be one of the very best that they have ever had to work with for their home’s needs.

When you make use of this as an option for your home, you’re going to find this to be quite helpful and beneficial in lots of different ways. In fact, if you would like to make use of the Aloha Construction company, it is crucial that you contact them and figure out what you want and need when hiring them. There is a reason a lot of people have chosen these professionals, and it has a lot to do with the fact that they are trustworthy and highly reliable when doing this type of work for their customers.

You are going to find the Aloha Construction company to be one of the very best out there. You will want to contact them to find out more about what they can do for you and how much they charge for their services. They will let you know when and how they will take you on as one of their clients. This is the reason you’re going to want to give this particular company a try for yourself, and it is a good time to consider this because you need to have these types of projects done on the home and know that it is something that is going to be highly beneficial for you in the long run. There’s no reason to worry yourself over projects at home when you are going to be able to hire a good company and get the job done right away.

Jordan Lindsey: the financial trading guru

A forex Trading individual ought to have one primary fundamental attribute of identifying and isolating market trends. The prime method used to determine these market trends is by the use of a terminology called moving averages. Moving averages only show the presence or existence as well as confirmation of market trends.

The Forex Trading market tends to shift in trends but not using stock markets. The forex market is handled and run by patterns that are macroeconomic which usually take some years to be done. The market tends typically are better manifested by themselves using some duos or pairs. Some of these pairs include Euro/US Dollar as well as US Dollar/ Japanese Yen.

Market traders usually use the long-term aspect when trading if using the Forex Trading Market. The traders use the 3-SMA Filter moving average to gauge the direction as well as the strength of the market trend. The said filter is formed by inputting three different moving averages on a chart namely; a short-term that is a short period SMA trend, an intermediate term, and a long-term which shows an extended period SMA trend. If the three are in a one alignment direction, then that reveals a strong market trend.

In the case of Initial Coin Offerings commonly known as ICO, there are five major trends in play. The first trend entails the new structures for pricing and bonuses; here companies are allowed limited funding into the market. The second trend is the product funding through ICO. The third is a Wider ICO adoption due to established limitation thus foster competition. The fourth and fifth trend entails the trustworthiness of ICO improving and joining of classic investors to ICO.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder and owner of his company called Bitcoin Growth Bot. he has a track record history in the financial market with skills in equity, Blockchain management as well as control of assets.

Jordan Lindsey also founded and started JCL Capital. He is an avid algorithm trader with vast experience in the financial as well as technological sector. Jordan is a programmer and system architect. He attended the St. Joseph’s College and had studied in the Mount Angel Seminary. He hails from New York City.

Jordan Lindsey’s work experience entails; CEO at Private Information Services Incorporated as well as the founder of JCL Capital and Energy Global Advisor since 2017. He was also a VP at Maximum Capital Management Incorporated.

Dez Perez Might Be Stronger Than the “Roc” in Roc Nation

Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music list named Desiree Perez one of the most influential female executives in the music industry. Rightfully so, Desiree Perez, or Dez Perez, is the chief operating officer of Roc Nation which is an entertainment company founded by rapper and mogul Jay Z. But being that she is responsible for most of the company’s money-making moves all of the honor must go to her for being amongst the top females in a male-dominated industry.

She has a reputation for being a tough negotiator which is why Jay Z has kept her close for the past 22 years. She has worked with Roc Nation since 2009 and has been involved with all of the decision making regarding Sean Carter enterprises, growing the Sean Carter business beyond just the music industry. Her success as one of the few women holding such a high position makes her a role model and a miracle, fighting the statistics that say women cannot be the decision makers and cannot catapult businesses into higher profit.

Perez’ strong suit is urging agreements and appending profitability. She was involved in the $25 million Samsung collaboration for Rihanna’s Anti Tour; which not only proved Rihanna to be a mogul and an artist but proved Perez to be a marketing genius. Sprint’s $200 million investment in Tidal was another robust marketing campaign that gave the rapper his 14th number one on the charts for 4:44 but also allowed him to go platinum before the albums formal release.

Perez took notes when Beyonce released her infamous Run the World single because she shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to climbing the ladder of respect and leadership. Dez is involved with the Hova Circle of Influence while running Roc Nation and Tidal, working alongside others such as Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown, and Ty Ty Smith.

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