The Many Roles of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a well-known businessman in the business world. Currently, he serves as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He also offers his experience to business owners and potential business owners. He has many roles in the business world and is well respected. His roles other than CEO include:

Mentor: One of the most important things that Glen Wakeman has stated is that he loves to help others. That has been a big part of his career since the beginning. Since he has so many years of experience, he is willing to share his experience with those just getting into the field of running a business.

Investor: Glen Wakeman is well-known as a savvy investor. His experience in the business world has helped him grow his business. However, instead of increasing his own wealth, he has used his investments to help others.

Writer: Glen Wakeman has a well-known blog where he helps to give insight into the business world on a regular basis. His blog does get a lot of attention because he sits down and takes his time to explain what is going on in the market and other items that business owners and future business owners need to know.

Entrepreneur: One of the best things about Glen Wakeman is his ability to see businesses in his head. He is willing to try new things and create new start-ups. His vast experience has shown that he knows what he is doing and is able to create successful businesses.

Glen Wakeman is a great businessman who is striving to help create businesses out there that will help everyone (Blogwebpedia). LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has helped Wakeman branch out and offer his software as a service. This software helps the organization to organize their ideas and create successful business plans that will help them be a wonderful asset to society.