Fashion And Beauty Blogger Wengie Draws Her Life


Wengie was born on January 9th, 1986. When she was really little her parents moved to Australia and was raised by her grandparents and nanny. Later she flew to Melbourne, Australia, but did not recognize her parents. She grew up poor, so she made a lot of DIY toys. In high school she made her own website that had her anime drawings on it. Later she got a scholarship to go to accounting school and got a job. She decided to resign and work as a social media consultant. After that she started her own blog about fashion and beauty.

Wengie’s morning routine



Many have a morning routine that is abided by to get their day started off to a positive start. Wengie is no different as she starts the morning by permitting her pet cat to dive under her blankets with her to snuggle a bit prior to her alarm clock sounding off. Once up and about, Wengie makes it a point to avoid any contact with social media so that she can instead focus on getting herself ready for the new day. She begins by attending to her oral health including brushing her teeth and finishing off that task with mouthwash. Upon completion, Wengie moves on to moisturizing her lips and then heads off to the kitchen to cook up some breakfast.


Wengie prefers to eat vegetarian and gathers up mushroom, tomato, stock, avocado, spinach, rocket mix, and a microwavable bowl. The soup is prepared by cutting up the mushroom, tomato, and adding the vegetable stock into the bowl. After cooking the ingredients in the microwave for two to three minutes depending upon how crunchy one wants their vegetables, Wengie will add the rocket mix, salt and pepper, Trader Joe’s spice mix, and stir it into the hot soup while topping it with avocado. Wengie enjoys the soup with a piece of bread while sitting in her living room gazing out at the city and what the day will bring her.


Wengie recommends avoiding the news while partaking in her breakfast, and instead choosing a motivational video to continue to learn as each day passes. After finishing her breakfast, Wengie returns to her bedroom and ensures the bed is made up which her cat appreciates. She returns to the bathroom area where Wengie works on wiping down her face including adding some toner to remove all excess oils. Wengie recommends RNA Power to retain the bounce in one’s face. She then adds sunscreen liberally since Australia is quite warm on most days. Wengie is ready to start her day once the make-up is added along with attending to her mascara, eyebrows, hair, eyes including lashes, and making certain her pig tails have the necessary curl. Wengie completes her ensemble with a 10 year old pair of denim shorts, loose fitting white t-shirt, and a pair of Nike Air Max Thea tennis shoes.