Artist Achievement Award Goes To Architect Robert Ivy

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters announced in April who the recipient of their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, the Noel Polk, will be. This longstanding award recognizes the achievements of Mississippi residing artists and patrons for their contributions to the art community through their creativity and extraordinary talent. This year’s recipients are esteemed architect Robert Ivy and stained-glass artist Andrew Cary Young, with the presentation taking place on June 2nd in Jackson, Mississippi.

Robert Ivy, Executive Vice President and CEO of The American Institute of Architects, is the first ever architect to receive this honor. Ivy joined The American Institute of Architects in 2011 which has since seen its membership rise to its highest level in 160 years. He has been praised for making architecture more relevant and important to the public than ever before, with his mastery of the industry capping off a career and lifetime of remarkable work.

Since childhood, Robert Ivy loved the written word and enjoyed spending his days at the library in town. The renowned architect expected to become a writer, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English before going onto earn his Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University. His educational experience was the perfect precursor to serve as editor-in-chief for Architectural Record as well as writing his own articles as an expert on the subject. His biography, published in 2001, is already in its third round of printing.

In addition to receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy has been awarded several other honors as well. In 2010 he was named “Master Architect” by Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity. Additionally, while under his direction, Architectural Record won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. As his career continues, Ivy’s architectural influence continues to inspire with his creativity in design as well as his writing and much-needed commentary on the industry.

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