US Money Reserve CEO Now Writing for Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a popular online source for not only news but opinion columns, editorials, and other digital content. As such they invest highly in getting the most experienced and knowledgeable people to write for them. That is why it set off quite a stir in the financial and business communities when Angela Koch earned a writing profile on their site.

Angela or “Angie” Koch is the current head of the U.S Money Reserve. Their organization is the single largest privately owned distributer of valuable metal products. This includes coins, bars, and other physical assets made from gold, silver, or platinum.

According to and Glassdoor, As CEO of the U.S Money Reserve she has played a major role in the organizations steady rise to success after the market crash only a few years back. Sensing the loss in consumer confidence the crash had triggered, The U.S Money Reserve began pushing its assets to individuals and businesses alike as a method of adding diversity and physical security to all their investments.

Koch has a long history in the world of strategy and business planning earned from first-hand experience at the U.S Money Reserve as well as other organizations. Now that knowledge will be available to Huffington Post readers with each article she publishes on the site.

According to Koch she has had a life long interest in cultivating opportunity and value and is eager to share her experiences with the Huffington Posts large and diverse audience.

As such, her very first post on the site was titled,” Three Ways the Political Conventions Empowered Women.” It charted critical moments from both conventions that showed women taking decisive leadership roles.

Offering a unique combination of first-hand business experience, distinctive perspective, and a charismatic personality Angela Koch is sure to make a solid addition to the Huffington Post staff of regular contributors.