Cassio Audi Ephemeral Music Career Left a Mark in Brazilian Viper Rock Band

Cassio Audi ephemeral music career left a mark in Brazilian Viper Band
Music producers and artists will ascertain that drummers are the hardest to get in the music industry. For this single reason, drummers are hard to keep and sometimes play delusionary tactics. To get a nice piece of musical set requires a great level of talent and precision and music bands are always in constant search of these good drummers. The role that a talented drummer in a band plays can be exemplified by one Great Cassio Audi, who was a member of the renowned Viper band in Brazil.

Viper was at its best in the 1980s, and the success of its music was also applauded for having one of the best beats, something music lovers of that era can’t forget. The heavy metal band gained recognition and was popular for some Brazilian songs that illuminated the world music scene beyond the band’s native home.

The Drummer behind this bands acknowledged, and popular music hits were none other than Cassio Audi. Band members described him as electrifying and innovative. He was flexible, time keeper, and friendly with all members of the band. In many times the band members relied on him to resolve small conflicts, which is a typical phenomenon in bands.

Cassio Audi is recalled for the strong, upbeat dream installing beats he availed in the band’s popular Soldiers of Sunrise hip hop song. The song represented the epitome of the band’s maturity and was commended mainly for the harmony between the drum– beats and the tone of the musician. The heavy music beats were their own, and this hit of 1987 indeed was top notch.

Cassio Audi featured in the demos, Projeto Sp metal in 1985 when he had just joined the band. The other demo, The killer Sword, is usually recalled for being organized and captivating.

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