Bruce Bent II: The Young Successful Asset in the Field of Finance

Bruce Bent II is a successful entrepreneur holding various positions as President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation. The company is ranked high in the technology and financial sector. It provides the industry with the most innovative management solutions to cash-related issues. He majorly specializes with banks, retail markets, qualified project plans, and dealers in broker businesses.

Bruce Bent II is a pioneer in the field relating to retirement services and cash management. He holds membership of a network of peers that brings together more than 10,000 young members in the world of business. The network is well known as the Young Presidents’ Organization. Mr. Bent studied at Northeastern University where he was honored with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. His entire career life is based on this company where all the magic happens.

His contributions are in the improvement of money sweep and expansion of FCID programs. These networks have helped to convert the cash management field into an industry worth more than a trillion. He is also a renowned innovator in the Access Control Advantage, LLC., & the Island Intellectual Property, LLC. Bruce deals with markets regarding retirement and in licensing of patents in the financial service field. Both of the two companies are popular as great innovators in both the field.

Bruce also achieved in distribution markets and lines of production making them widely diversified and expanded. There was an unbelievable rise in products over a period of only 17 years. The high increase was from 4 billion dollars to an outstanding more than 130 billion dollars. His responsibility in Access Control Advantage is making access to participants an automated defined solution and contribution project plan which has been made simpler and accessible.

Bruce has previously and currently involved himself with other various amazing works. They are mainly ventures in entrepreneurship. Some examples include management of assets, consultation in business, finance in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and intellectual property. However, to date, Bruce Bent II is concerned with the initiative of defining the planned direction for both companies.

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