Jordan Lindsey: the financial trading guru

A forex Trading individual ought to have one primary fundamental attribute of identifying and isolating market trends. The prime method used to determine these market trends is by the use of a terminology called moving averages. Moving averages only show the presence or existence as well as confirmation of market trends.

The Forex Trading market tends to shift in trends but not using stock markets. The forex market is handled and run by patterns that are macroeconomic which usually take some years to be done. The market tends typically are better manifested by themselves using some duos or pairs. Some of these pairs include Euro/US Dollar as well as US Dollar/ Japanese Yen.

Market traders usually use the long-term aspect when trading if using the Forex Trading Market. The traders use the 3-SMA Filter moving average to gauge the direction as well as the strength of the market trend. The said filter is formed by inputting three different moving averages on a chart namely; a short-term that is a short period SMA trend, an intermediate term, and a long-term which shows an extended period SMA trend. If the three are in a one alignment direction, then that reveals a strong market trend.

In the case of Initial Coin Offerings commonly known as ICO, there are five major trends in play. The first trend entails the new structures for pricing and bonuses; here companies are allowed limited funding into the market. The second trend is the product funding through ICO. The third is a Wider ICO adoption due to established limitation thus foster competition. The fourth and fifth trend entails the trustworthiness of ICO improving and joining of classic investors to ICO.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder and owner of his company called Bitcoin Growth Bot. he has a track record history in the financial market with skills in equity, Blockchain management as well as control of assets.

Jordan Lindsey also founded and started JCL Capital. He is an avid algorithm trader with vast experience in the financial as well as technological sector. Jordan is a programmer and system architect. He attended the St. Joseph’s College and had studied in the Mount Angel Seminary. He hails from New York City.

Jordan Lindsey’s work experience entails; CEO at Private Information Services Incorporated as well as the founder of JCL Capital and Energy Global Advisor since 2017. He was also a VP at Maximum Capital Management Incorporated.

Advice From Nationwide Financial President David Giertz

Just like a long and happily productive career requires time, focus, effort, flexibility and just a little bit of skill learning, successful retirement takes a plan to pull it off right. With all that can be and has to be done before retirement dreams hold a snowball’s chance to become a reality, the necessary tasks fall into three basic categories. David Giertz knows all about these things, and he is willing to share the benefit of his knowledge for the enrichment of others.

The first of these three steps is a sensitive subject for many everyday working men and women, it requires the permanent saving and growing of monies. The bottom line is that there should be a considerable amount of saving being done when it comes to budgets and consumption. The measure of success in lifetime savings is to reach 15 to 20 times your annual income by the age 65.

Of course, retirement ages can vary and the age to start the adventure may drop as low as 50 to 55. Ultimately, retirement plans and goals often set these numbers accordingly. The next step on the “golden years” tier is to choose a flexible account, one that does not hold penalties for withdrawals works best for most people. A popular choice available to a large portion of the United States workforce is a Roth IRA. Another good choice is a 401(k). It also has very little restrictions attached.

The third step to achieving financial security during retirement is to actively invest. The best way to build a nest egg through investment is through an after tax-account. As an underlying foundation for the three steps to retirement, the strategies that bring choices all together have to be sound, so seeking advise from professionals like David Giertz is strongly recommended.

In his case, there is more than three decades of experience for followers and clients to trust. His other professional credentials include being President of Nationwide Financial Distributors as well as President for Nationwide Agency Inc. His education includes degrees from the University of Miami and Millikin University.

Graham Edwards: The brains behind Telereal

Graham Edwards is a name you may have heard of, given he is the CEO of the largest privately owned real estate company in the UK called “Telereal Trillium.” Graham Edwards has had a vital impact on the handling of Telereal in what begins in 2001 with the joint venture between Trillium and Pears. He was said to have initiated the deal between the two companies and was named CEO as a result (

It was a clear sign of notable growth when Telereal made an investment of £750 million in real estate from the Royal Bank of Scotland. With the deal taking place in 2007, Graham continued to look for a way to expand the company, and in 2009 seems to have found it when the formation of “Telereal Trillium” took place. The new acquisition of Trillium created an equity pool worth more than £1 billion. While it was anticipated the company was going to rush into a deal, to show strength, Graham chose to remain patient and wait for the right deal to come along. Graham Edwards seems to be a long-term thinker but quick at making things happen (Glassdoor). It’s no wonder his company has grown to encompass 8,000 properties in the UK. The estimated portfolio value is upwards of £6 billion now.

Graham Edwards may have a steady hand in the business but that doesn’t stop him from building a giving work culture on the side. He is an avid charity donator and has increased staff participation in donation from 10% to an estimated 44% in 2016. Together, his employees have donated a little over £130,000. It’s astonishing what he has accomplished and contributed in such a limited time working with Telereal Trillium. Some might even say he was meant for this.

Graham Edwards is the man who has shaped this company into what it is now. Through his expert planning and long-term thinking, the company has grown more than anyone could have expected in only a number of years. Graham Edwards played an essential role in every major event in what is now “Telereal Trillium.”


Adam Milstein: Radical Muslims, on the Rise Escalating Atrocious Anti-Semitism

Ferocious hostility and prejudice against the Jews have been historically present among a section of radical Muslims but the hate is spreading to the other sections. Which previously were not propagators of anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American philanthropist, says the hate of Jews is receiving unlikely support from historically Jewish friendly places. He adds that the extremists are now sharing a common hate and accommodating the rise of bigotry, racism, homophobia, and misogyny.


Adam observes that in the last few years, North America has also turned a cold shoulder on anti-Semitism and is more likely to have adopted a European attitude towards the hate for Jews. According to Adam Milstein, radical Muslims are the manifestation of prime hate against Jews and crime against humanity. They still stone women to death, detest feminism, behead gays and infringe human rights. Adam Milstein notes that the moderate Muslims who should condemn such acts are now not as opposed to these crimes because they have found a common passion. They share a common dislike of freedom of speech, Global Western Influence, the sovereignty of Israel and audacious anti-Semitism.

Radical Islamists

Adam Milstein wonders why moderate Muslims turn a blind eye to the radical ones. He says it is not to the benefit of the Islamic religion that extremists trample Islamic morals in order to prove a point. The acts of the radicals attract a tremendous amount of distaste towards the Islamic religion and portray Islam as a religion of the people seeking to revenge atrocities committed on them by the West.

Milstein asserts that the radicals perceive Israel to be home to Jews who historically oppressed the Muslims and they think that Israel is the heart of the entire predicament in the Middle East and the entire world.

Milstein notes that Radical Muslims sole aim is flaming down and destroying Israel which is historically the motherland of all the Jews. Sadly they are doing these by popularizing anti-Semitism and badly enough they are commanding a good number of audience. They now have allies whom they share the same goal of churning democracy and Israel being the only democratic country in the Middle East, they are strongly motivated to bring it down.

More about Adam Milstein

Together with his wife, they pioneered the establishment of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which advocates for better relationships between the Us and Israel.

Adam works towards strengthening the Jewish people by supporting, Jewish education and continuity.

He was born in Haifa Israel but moved to Argentina while still a teenager. He married Gila Elgrably while still in Haifa and they moved to the US in 1981.He also sits on the board of various bodies committed to bringing the Jews in diaspora closer to home by initiating programs which help them learn about their roots. Some of these bodies include Stand with us, Hasbara Fellowship, Israel on campus coalition, Jewish Funders Network and many others. He is also a regular author for the Jerusalem Post which voted him as one of the world’s 50 most influential Jews.

Dr. Johanan Rand, Bioidentical Hormone Specialist And Expert In Many Rare Therapies

Based out of West Orange, NJ, Dr. Johanan Rand is a bioidentical hormone specialist and also an expert in many rare, but extremely useful, medical therapies. Even though his unorthodox approach will take a bit of getting used to, his persistence in treating the whole patient has gained him respect from both his client and his colleagues alike. Here are just a few of his remarkable techniques.


Weight Loss

One of Dr. Johanan Rand’s main approaches to weight loss would be through the HCG diet. This approach incorporates a hormone that all women produce when pregnant. Perhaps not surprisingly, this diet can then lead to some naturally quick weight loss results. The body reacts to the hormone by responding well to a low calorie diet. In summary, the patient is able to eat less, but feel fuller faster because of the effects of the hormone. They can easily shed one to two pounds daily.



Dr. Johanan Rand also has a whole host of strategies for combating aging. Dr. Rand Has a total approach to health, that focuses on exercise, diet, and hormone therapy. He is looking to strengthen the metabolism and bring the immune system back up to speed. Naturally, if you have an immune system that is like a younger person’s, diseases will not affect you as severely.


Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Johanan Rand Also offers a comprehensive approach for erectile dysfunction. He realizes that this issue is often something that has related problems, so his approach would usually begin with blood work to determine whether the person has vitamin deficiencies or other issues contributing to the problem. He also utilizes blood work to determine any genetic markers that might exist. Using this information, Dr. Rand is then able to develop an individualized plan for each patient’s basic needs.


The Healthy Aging Medical Center

Dr. Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center as a way to provide the best Clinical Services for all of his patients. His main aim is to make the lives of everyone that comes to him better. There is no questioning the fact that his comprehensive approach has made him the leader in restorative and regenerative medicine.


The Many Roles of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a well-known businessman in the business world. Currently, he serves as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He also offers his experience to business owners and potential business owners. He has many roles in the business world and is well respected. His roles other than CEO include:

Mentor: One of the most important things that Glen Wakeman has stated is that he loves to help others. That has been a big part of his career since the beginning. Since he has so many years of experience, he is willing to share his experience with those just getting into the field of running a business.

Investor: Glen Wakeman is well-known as a savvy investor. His experience in the business world has helped him grow his business. However, instead of increasing his own wealth, he has used his investments to help others.

Writer: Glen Wakeman has a well-known blog where he helps to give insight into the business world on a regular basis. His blog does get a lot of attention because he sits down and takes his time to explain what is going on in the market and other items that business owners and future business owners need to know.

Entrepreneur: One of the best things about Glen Wakeman is his ability to see businesses in his head. He is willing to try new things and create new start-ups. His vast experience has shown that he knows what he is doing and is able to create successful businesses.

Glen Wakeman is a great businessman who is striving to help create businesses out there that will help everyone (Blogwebpedia). LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has helped Wakeman branch out and offer his software as a service. This software helps the organization to organize their ideas and create successful business plans that will help them be a wonderful asset to society.


LimeCrime Lip Toppers with Holographic Glitters for You

LimeCrime is a makeup brand started by Doe Deere. It is characterized by unique and fun colors that come in funky pop arts with their products exhibiting a blend of crisp and bold styles that are trendy. It has taken the internet by storm especially on social media platforms such as Instagram where they announce new products often. They have rolled out an assortment six lipstick transformers containing holographic glitters called LimeCrime Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers. The main excitement about this new addition is that one can wear it alone or over one’s best lip color with the ability to increase one’s collection by threefold.

The Diamond Crush Lip Toppers can be worn together with ombre brows, a graphic contour or a cut-crease glitter shadow. For example, the lip topper can be applied in Trip by mixing any of them according to one’s taste. This is made possible by the fact that their formula is non-sticky and easy to spread over lips giving users an edge if they want to be more creative with their makeup.

Some people do not like something glittering or shining, but with LimeCrime Diamond Crushers in lit, one can layer them to form a combo based on what blend of the effect they prefer. For instance, Glossier’s Generation G lipstick when layered these lip toppers gives a chrome-like gold foil effect. For people who are so into natural lip color, the LimeCrime’s Choke has subtle glitters into a sparkly pale pink and can go well with nude and pink lipsticks. On a bare lip, the glitters are more apparent when they are well complemented with blue or violet tone. This provides a sparkling gloss reminiscent of the current digital girls.

Diamond Crushers can go with a lot of other makeups as long as it is blended well. The Diamond Crushers in Dope forms a shimmer and shine when worn over Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Amazing Grace. This is a combo that fits any holiday party as it creates an intense look.

How To Make Big Profits By Investing In Freedom Checks

Natural Resources investor Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing has been touting Freedom Checks for the past few months. He says they make an excellent opportunity to earn huge returns from not that much money. He kicked off his information campaign about Freedom Checks by posting a photo where he can be seen holding up a check in the amount of $114,287. It is a private check, not a government check, although it does look rather official. Visit the website to learn more.

These checks are definitely legit. In 1987 the US Congress passed a statute called 26-F. There are now 568 firm’s around the nation which meet the Statute 26-F requirements and they send out Freedom Checks each year. These are tax-free companies who are required to meet two requirements. The first requirement is that 90% of the revenue these companies create must come from producing. processing. storing, and/or transporting oil and gas within America. The second requirement that they agree to pay their profits, and sometimes more, to their shareholders each and every year. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali says that these checks can often be three to even four times bigger than the social security check that most people receive. Plus, there aren’t any age restrictions in place to start collecting your money. They can be bought through a regular online brokerage account as well.

How he had discovered Freedom Checks was that he was traveling around the world on assignment for a well-known financial expert, interviewing people like T. Boone Pickens along with investigating businesses. He came across master limited partnerships, more often called MLPs, and discovered what a fantastic investment they could be. Most people don’t know about these, he says, because those in the know keep knowledge of these to themselves because they are so lucrative. The really interesting thing about MLPs, Matt says, is that the federal government considers Freedom Checks a return of capital so federal income taxes don’t have to be paid on them. And, if a person were to decide to sell their shares of an MLP they get taxed at the lower capital gains rate because they aren’t considered as income.

Some people are hauling in $10,000 a month on Freedom Checks, or even $50,000 a month. Of course, these are people with a lot of money to invest but even average investors can do well as they pay around two to three times as much as other conservative investments.


Dez Perez Might Be Stronger Than the “Roc” in Roc Nation

Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music list named Desiree Perez one of the most influential female executives in the music industry. Rightfully so, Desiree Perez, or Dez Perez, is the chief operating officer of Roc Nation which is an entertainment company founded by rapper and mogul Jay Z. But being that she is responsible for most of the company’s money-making moves all of the honor must go to her for being amongst the top females in a male-dominated industry.

She has a reputation for being a tough negotiator which is why Jay Z has kept her close for the past 22 years. She has worked with Roc Nation since 2009 and has been involved with all of the decision making regarding Sean Carter enterprises, growing the Sean Carter business beyond just the music industry. Her success as one of the few women holding such a high position makes her a role model and a miracle, fighting the statistics that say women cannot be the decision makers and cannot catapult businesses into higher profit.

Perez’ strong suit is urging agreements and appending profitability. She was involved in the $25 million Samsung collaboration for Rihanna’s Anti Tour; which not only proved Rihanna to be a mogul and an artist but proved Perez to be a marketing genius. Sprint’s $200 million investment in Tidal was another robust marketing campaign that gave the rapper his 14th number one on the charts for 4:44 but also allowed him to go platinum before the albums formal release.

Perez took notes when Beyonce released her infamous Run the World single because she shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to climbing the ladder of respect and leadership. Dez is involved with the Hova Circle of Influence while running Roc Nation and Tidal, working alongside others such as Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown, and Ty Ty Smith.

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Jennifer Walden, A Female Doctor Who Does It All

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an Austin, TX native who has a very busy life. The city she comes from is vibrant and full of demand for the services she provides. She runs a cosmetic plastic surgery business in her hometown and is very proud of her two twin boys. She touts them as her greatest blessings after an extensive search for IVF and now being a single mom. She values practicing promoting health and wellbeing so that outer beauty and inner beauty match people’s health and lifestyle. Her in-house 3D imaging equipment allows for her patients to be able to visualize the outcome of their proposed procedure and more

Dr. Walden is also one of the female plastic surgeons in her field. She believes that women should be able to lead and have both fulfilling careers and personal lives. She regularly speaks on laser techniques in the plastic surgery field. She has been the among the first to adopt laser and radio frequency technology in the use of cosmetic plastic surgery practices. Since this is often used for face lifting, implants, and grafting, there is a female bent to this as well. Dr. Walden is especially pleased that she has been able to build her practice with an all-female team. These facts make her highly sought after by news media. When she isn’t appearing or interviewing for CBS, ABC, or Fox News, or various other publications, she is helping others. She does philanthropy work by volunteering and providing for the less fortunate. She is also a spokesperson for numerous medical aesthetic companies. Dr. Walden is also civic minded and engages regularly with groups such as the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Guardian Angel Society, Junior League of Austin’s Food in Tummies program, the AMA’s Go Red for Women campaign, and also the Forest Trails Elementary School and Eanes Education foundation for funding teachers. She also has a website and can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.