Anthony Petrello Hosts Texas Sensation Tommy Tune

Tony Petrello and his wife are very passionate about community services in Texas. They love helping the community by contributing to initiatives that will impact the lives of people living in this area. Petrello is also welcoming to people who come from the area and who are passionate about helping the community as he does.

Recently, they hosted one of the legends from Texas called Tommy Tune. Tune was born and raised in Texas but later left for New York. He had come back to Texas to perform to his fans. His performance was at the Miller Outdoor Theater. Over 5000 fans attended it. Tony Petrello took this opportunity to host the legend in his home and even hosted a cocktail party in his honor.

Tony Petrello is a top business leader in the country. He is the president and CEO of oil and natural gas drilling company called Nabors Industries. Petrello is known for his focus on business activities and other initiatives he carries out. His business ideas are innovative and are the reasons why we have Nabors Industries as the leading company globally today. Nabors industries have ongoing drilling operation in 25 location spread out across various continents. Petrello is dedicated and committed to making the lives people living in Houston better. The headquarters of Nabors Industries is located in Houston.

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Cynthia, Tony’s wife, shares a lot in common with his wife. Anthony Petrello is one person who has done a lot in giving back to the community in support of his husband’s work. Cynthia is an actress and a model. She has a passion for fashion. She won CKW Luxe Award, an award given to a woman who combines both philanthropy and fashion.

Tommy Tune has deep roots in the state of Texas. All his early life was spent in Texas and only left after completing his education in Texas-based schools. Tune now performs on Broadway. He has won numerous awards for his spending performance as an artist. The good thing which has attracted the Petrellos to the artist is his willingness to give back to the people of Texas. He has set up a talents development center where students with various talents can showcase and improve their skills.

Tony and Cynthia were happy to welcome this legendary son of Texas back home by hosting an exquisite party on his behalf. The cocktail party was attended by 50 guests only and was a fine tribute to the work Tommy Tine was doing in Texas.


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