Agora Financial: A wisemans choice in the world of investment.

Agora Financial recently put out an introductory video, in order to introduce their investment services. The video starts off with the story of a wise, and soon to be retired dentist aptly named “Bob”. Being new to the world of investment, Bob is very rightly nervous about this next phase of his life. The video goes on from there to introduce us to the financial company and how they can help you make a wise investment as you enter the Autumn years.

Agora Financial is a private publishing company that’s focus is on unbiased customer education when it comes to investment. Through, educational books in print and online, videos & online seminars among other services. The company is based in Baltimore and a staffed with a myriad of people, each of whom is an expert in their respective investment fields. The company is very skilled and even predicted the 2008 market crash, four years before it happened. The company is passionate about books and even purchased Laissez-Faire Books, a historic book store in 2011. Agora Financial’s founder, Bill Bonner, published Mobs, Messiahs and Markets with Lila Rajiva in 2007 and Dice Have No Memory in 2011. The company offers many free newsletters, that can be delivered to your inbox and contain news, useful advice and hot investment tips.

If you are a new investor or even a seasoned one who’s looking for a new investment, then please click here to find out more about the company, or if you wish to view the introductory video on YouTube, click here.

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