Advice From Nationwide Financial President David Giertz

Just like a long and happily productive career requires time, focus, effort, flexibility and just a little bit of skill learning, successful retirement takes a plan to pull it off right. With all that can be and has to be done before retirement dreams hold a snowball’s chance to become a reality, the necessary tasks fall into three basic categories. David Giertz knows all about these things, and he is willing to share the benefit of his knowledge for the enrichment of others.

The first of these three steps is a sensitive subject for many everyday working men and women, it requires the permanent saving and growing of monies. The bottom line is that there should be a considerable amount of saving being done when it comes to budgets and consumption. The measure of success in lifetime savings is to reach 15 to 20 times your annual income by the age 65.

Of course, retirement ages can vary and the age to start the adventure may drop as low as 50 to 55. Ultimately, retirement plans and goals often set these numbers accordingly. The next step on the “golden years” tier is to choose a flexible account, one that does not hold penalties for withdrawals works best for most people. A popular choice available to a large portion of the United States workforce is a Roth IRA. Another good choice is a 401(k). It also has very little restrictions attached.

The third step to achieving financial security during retirement is to actively invest. The best way to build a nest egg through investment is through an after tax-account. As an underlying foundation for the three steps to retirement, the strategies that bring choices all together have to be sound, so seeking advise from professionals like David Giertz is strongly recommended.

In his case, there is more than three decades of experience for followers and clients to trust. His other professional credentials include being President of Nationwide Financial Distributors as well as President for Nationwide Agency Inc. His education includes degrees from the University of Miami and Millikin University.

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