A Niche Within the Nimbus.

NewSQL systems are the latest tech in database platforms. They are designed as part of a distributed computer architecture comprised of shared-nothing nodes. Each node owns a subset of the data vice a singular entity that controls the network usually found in a controller-based architecture. The intent of this type of structure is to eliminate any single point of failure, allow for self-healing and offer non-disruptive upgrades. The most notable major benefit is the massive potential for scalability. The contrasting disadvantages include possible slow responses to queries. This would depend on whether the query results come from a complex join from a large data set across multiple nodes or partitions.

NuoDB falls into the NewSQL category as a database that retains some features of traditional SQL databases while also supporting the massive scalability capability. Where NuoDB differs from the traditional approach is by use of a three-tier structure. Having a layered administrative, transactional and storage tiers in a redundant form allows NuoDB to work without the need to couple an application with its data on a disk drive. Additionally, this tiered setup allows NuoDB to scale, without sharding, and run faster as new servers are added. A feature that most other database systems do not offer. NuoDB communicates with applications in SQL statements similar to most relational databases. The database itself is ACID compliant and delivers the expected reliability.

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