Career Achievements of Whitney Wolfe

Women have today gained the power and freedom to express their feelings, thanks to Whitney Wolfe`s Bumble dating app. Being the founder and CEO of the famous app, Whitney Wolfe has brought a revolution in the traditional ways of dating as women can now take the initiative to choose their friends and partners without them being judged. Her dating app has already attracted over 22 million registered users and a significant number of people have striven to be part of the platform to enjoy their free time and make new friends. The new venture has seen Whitney gain a lot of fame and many people have accredited her for changing their lives.


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Bumble has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and it is ranked among the top four most popular dating apps in the entire world. Whitney Wolfe`s impeccable management skills have been associated with her notable successes, and as a result, a significant number of people have striven to emulate her skills. She is an inspiration to many people and her hardworking attribute is heart rendering. She has striven to adopt the use of the modern technology to facilitate the operations and smooth running of her dating app. Her commitment and dedication towards seeing her ventures succeed have seen her gain recognition from a significant number of individuals. Whitney Wolfe was named to Forbes 30 under 30 list for two consecutive years, in both 2017 and 2018. Her achievements are inspiring and being a young entrepreneur, she has already motivated and mentored many young people that aspire to join the field of entrepreneurship.

Besides, Whitney was also named among the 42 women succeeding in the tech industry by the TechCrunch firm. Her positivism when it comes to her work has been associated with her notable achievements. Wolfe insists that every entrepreneur that ought to achieve success in their ventures must be ready to take risks as they strengthen people. She has also striven to work closely with other entrepreneurs with an aim of learning from them. Whitney Wolfe is also change-oriented and she strives to adopt it through the use of the modern trends brought by today’s technology.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Receives Glowing Reviews From Multiple Sources

In our internet age, it is easy to find a number of reviews posted about doctors. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon based in Austin, TX area. She has a thriving practice providing a wide range of services to her patients. Dr. Walden has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from multiple patients on a number of different reviewing sites.

Almost all of Dr. Walden’s ratings at Real Patient Ratings are very positive. Those providing ratings on that site are impressed with Dr. Walden’s practice when they first step in the doors. Several reviewers complimented the beautiful office space and felt that it helped to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Dr. Walden’s staff received a number of compliments. Patients were impressed by the staff’s caring attitude and by the professionalism of the staff.

Dr. Walden herself received high praise. Patients noted that Dr. Walden took the time to answer their questions. They did not feel as if they were rushed in and out of the examining room. Many reviewers stated that the outcome of their procedure was better than they expected,

On another doctor reviewing site called Vitals, Dr, Jennifer Walden has been the recipient of Patient Choice Awards. Virtually all of the reviews of the doctor on this site are positive and complimentary.

One reviewer in particular provided information as to how Dr. Walden was able to correct damage caused by a procedure that was performed by another plastic surgeon. This reviewer stated that Dr. Walden not only repaired the damage, she performed the procedure the way that it should have been done to begin with. Needless to say, this patient was highly satisfied by the treatment she received from Dr. Walden and from the doctor’s associates.

On multiple reviewing sites, patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden have provided positive reviews. Both the doctor and her staff are highly rated.

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Vinod Gupta – What Entrepreneurs Can Do

An entrepreneur is someone with a unique set of analytical and synthetic skills. Yes, this is true and Vinod Gupta knows that this definition is also true because he is an entrepreneur himself. Well, we are going to talk a little about Vinod Gupta right here, right now.

A True Entrepreneur

Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur in the highest sense of the word because he truly made his startup successful down the road. He started off with only $100 in capital selling his firm for a lot of money over time, and that is what entrepreneurs are supposed to do: make a lot of money. He also knows the value of a team, so Vinod Gupta works hard to be around the best team in the world. Therefore, he tries to pick up the best people out there too, and he is serious about it.

Team Worker

Vinod Gupta loves working with teams because he can focus on his work by having the team do what it is supposed to do. Gupta will work hard to grow a business so he can be proud of the things he has done in a company. Vinod Gupta does not want to be involved in the day-to-day details of the business so he can focus his time and effort on talking to potential clients and work out a solution for the challenges that the business has to face. Vinod Gupta also knows how to take a wide array of well-educated risks.

Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur who is here to stay for a long time because he knows what he is doing. He understands that teams are critical when it comes to achieving big goals, and he goes the extra mile to set up the best team that his intelligence and will can get together.

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How Jeff Herman and Herman Law Have Helped Abused Victims

Jeff Herman is an attorney that devotes his professional life to fighting for victims of sexual abuse cases. He is the founder of Herman Law, a nationally recognized law firm that specializes in cases of this nature. His firm has helped and provided justice for hundreds of clients since it was founded.

Before Herman Law was founded, Jeff Herman already had experience working as an attorney. This, along with his passion for making a positive difference for his clients, has helped make Herman Law into a successful startup.

In the article, Herman stated that he was moved by the story of an autistic pre-schooler that was abused by one of its employees. This drove him towards devoting Herman Law strictly towards advocating for sexual abuse victims and on a national level as well. Herman Law also provides free consultations for potential clients and does not collect any fees unless a case is won.

Jeff Herman also states that referrals from other clients are the best way to draw potential clients in. The free consultations are then used to help victims and their families towards potential litigation.

The toughest decision for Mr. Herman and Herman Law is choosing which clients to represent in court. Due to social and political changes, sexual abuse cases are scrutinized at all levels before a case can be accepted. Herman Law collects evidence, interviews witnesses and creates a strategy before a case is even submitted.

Jeff Herman said that his most satisfying moments in operating Herman Law involve helping the clients that were sexually abused by giving them closure and by bringing positive change for the victims and their families. Mr. Herman and Herman Law plan on devoting all of their time and resources towards their goal of helping their clients in sexual abuse cases.

Jeff Herman of Herman Law

Jacob Gottlieb gives Hedge Funds the Healthcare Edge

 Jacob Gottlieb is the chief investment officer and management partner of Visium Asset Management a leading healthcare hedge fund. He founded the company in the year 2005. Visium is one of America’s largest healthcare hedge fund. Healthcare hedge funds invest in improving general healthcare and in pharmaceutical and biotech research. Jacob Gottlieb has earned the reputation of being a leader in his chosen profession.

Jacob Gottlieb is a highly qualified medical doctor and also holds a degree in economics. He is therefore ideally qualified for helming a healthcare hedge fund. He earned his MD from New York University and a BA in economics magna cum Laude from Brown University. He also has a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He started trading in 1998 on Wall Street. He covered global healthcare for Sanford C Bernstein and Co as a buy side analyst. He was later healthcare portfolio manager at the Merlin Biomed Group. He later became the top earner at Balyasny Asset Management. In 2005 he started the well-known healthcare hedge fund-Visium.

Jacob Gottlieb is committed to public service and supports many charities. One of the charities supported by Jacob Gottlieb is Robin Hood. The charity seeks to alleviate poverty in New York City. The charity is founded by a hedge fund expert and combines charitable purposes and investment principles to eliminate poverty. Donations and fundraising programs like concerts provide the finance for poverty alleviation schemes. The charity was the first to perform venture philanthropy. The charity gives all donations and funds to poverty alleviation programs and sound business principles are used to make programs effective. The charity works with over 240 organizations in New York City.

Jacob Gottlieb has not only proved to be a successful business leader but has also made efforts to make the lives of the less fortunate better.

Surf Air Recommends Three Of Their Favorite California R&R Destinations

In the article, Surf Air Recommends: July 5, 2018, Surf Air highlights three of their favorite spas for some R&R in California. Their top destinations offer guests a tranquil and rejuvenating environment to help eliminate stress and provide the utmost relaxation. According to their article, these are three of their favorite Surf Air destinations across California:

Travel to the Spa at Meadowood in Napa Valley to enjoy an all-suite concept. Unlike the others, their setting allows guests to receive all of their treatments in a more private setting, rather than wander from room to room. They feature two relaxation gardens – one for men, one for women –, both featuring their own sitting area, sauna, steam room, and a mineral soaking pool.

Those who are interested in a holistic wellness retreat will enjoy the next spa on Surf Air’s recommended list. The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara features a redwood sauna and eucalyptus steam room, fireside lounges, and a rooftop terrace for their guests to enjoy during their stay.

The final oasis featured on the Surf Air list is hidden within Los Angeles. The Hotel Bel-Air Spa features Valmont treatments – a blend of nature and science – to give their guests powerful results. Although this destination is located in a bustling city, its peaceful space is designed to offer a simple elegance that will leave guests with a glow hard to come across in L.A.

Whether guests are looking for some R&R in or out of the city, Surf Air’s article features something for everyone.

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End Citizens United Seeks to Stop the Abuses of the Masses By Big-Money-Backed Republican Candidates

End Citizens United, the political action committee formed after the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 to allow corporations to pour unlimited amounts of money into campaign, namely those of Republicans who support the viewpoints of big money have filed a suit against the Republican candidate, Rick Scott. Rick Scott was the governor of Florida; he is now in the running for senator and so far it appears that he is undermining the rules that have already been expanded to fund his campaign.

End Citizens United discovered he had found a way to bypass the limits of who could give to his campaign. He is using a super PAC meant to be used by presidential candidates to pay his campaign bills. The New Republican PAC claims to be independent but its chairman is Rick Scott. That’s a perfect cover for the collaboration of Rick Scott and the New Republican PAC. So far it has been discovered that Rick Scott has recently raised money for the New Republican PAC and one of the ways he has done that is by hosting a dinner for donors.

The New Republican has returned the favor by sharing its quarters with Rick Scott’s campaign. It has raised money for Rick Scott’s campaign, including polling the public for him. Both parties are collaborating to raise funds with the fund raiser Jenny Rucker.

Based on his activities, Rick Scott does not believe in or desire campaign finance reform. Following his previously questionable history with finance abuses at Columbia/HCA where the company was found guilty of defrauding the government programs, Medicare and Medicaid, it’s not surprising to find him once again participating in underhanded activities.

End Citizens United is following one solution to this corruption; they believe electing more candidates determined to reform campaign finance laws is the answer. Those candidates have here-to-for been exclusively democratic. End Citizens United is taking the matter to the Supreme Court once again in an effort to amend the Constitution. It’s imperative to eliminate the 2010 decision that gave corporation the right to free speech. Thus far all this has resulted in is giving corporations free reign to pour millions of dollars into the campaigns of their Republican puppets who willing do their bidding no matter how it effects the population at large.

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How Ryan Seacrest Does It All

Ryan Seacrest is a prominent radio and TV host who interviews celebrities, but the spotlight was placed on him when GQ magazine interviewed him in 2015.

The interviewer began by asking Seacrest how many jobs he had. He said that he has nearly ten different jobs. Specifically, he has three radio shows, one of them being On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He is also the host of American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. He is also the host on the red carpet for E! News. Aside from being a radio and TV host, he started his own clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Despite being very busy, he doesn’t forget to give back. Seacrest has his own non-profit organization called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This organization gives hospitalized children the chance to experience the broadcasting industry.

So how does he manage it all? He explained that he can efficiently work on different projects for TV and radio because both studios are in the same building. When it comes to completing tasks, he has a great team that keeps him on schedule, and he works quickly.

Also, he doesn’t like to waste time; for instance, he doesn’t take leisurely lunch breaks. Instead, he prefers to eat on-the-go, at his desk, or even while standing. When asked if he has many unread emails, Seacrest explained that he promptly responds to emails within thirty minutes to an hour of getting them.

Since he works long hours, Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) was asked if he relies on coffee to get him through the day. Ryan loves coffee, but he doesn’t drink it every day. He doesn’t need coffee to get him energized in the morning; simply going live on the radio gives him the energy and the motivation he needs.

Towards the end of the interview, Ryan was asked what kind of legacy he would like to leave behind. Seacrest wants to be remembered as your friend on the radio and on TV, and he wants to be remembered as the host who naturally draws viewers in while causing them to leave their worries behind.

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Sports Nutrition Sponsorship Deal for Jonathan Dos Santos

Herbalife Nutrition recently added Jonathan Dos Santos to the long list of sports personalities it sponsors. The partnership is scheduled to come to an end after the 2021 MLS season. Speaking during the announcement, Herbalife’s CEO was keen to mention the Mexican’s commitment to nutrition. Rich Goudis also talked about their desire to improve the general wellbeing of players along with members of the community.


Soccer players are always on the lookout for products that will make their performances better. Dos Santos will get to enjoy sports performance products from the firm. The LA Galaxy midfielder pointed out the importance of proper nutrition for all sports professionals. He hopes to make the most of the nutrition plan that the company’s sports experts have laid out. He starts every morning with the Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength and uses the same product after every training session.


Community partnership initiatives are bound to benefit from the sponsorship. Sports nutrition education will also be emphasized especially for the young breed of talents. Herbalife Nutrition also intends to advance its marketing initiatives through the deal.


The accomplished midfielder enjoyed a largely successful time in Spain. First with FC Barcelona before moving on to Villarreal. He recently joined LA Galaxy where he partners with his elder brother, Giovani Dos Santos. He is part of the Mexican National Team.


Herbalife Nutrition was established back in 1980 to make the health of the world better. They work with numerous distributors across the globe to tackle various problems in the healthcare system. Obesity, poor nutrition, and costly public healthcare services are some of the challenges that they address squarely. The firm has numerous facilities where top-notch products are produced. The National Science Foundation has deemed all their products fit for consumption. It has provided a source of income for over 8000 individuals all over the world. Other than athletes and sports teams, Herbalife Nutrition also sponsors nutritional events.


They encourage their clients to take lifestyle audits from time to time to ensure that they are on the right track. An active lifestyle coupled with their science-based products is bound to pay great dividends to their clients. Herbalife Nutrition services are available in close to 100 countries. Children in need have not been left behind either. Casa Herbalife, as well as Herbalife Family Foundation, was set up to meet their nutritional needs. Cristiano Ronaldo is among the high profile sports athletes that Herbalife sponsors. At the close of 2017, they had reached the $4.4 billion mark in terms of net sales.

Artist Achievement Award Goes To Architect Robert Ivy

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters announced in April who the recipient of their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, the Noel Polk, will be. This longstanding award recognizes the achievements of Mississippi residing artists and patrons for their contributions to the art community through their creativity and extraordinary talent. This year’s recipients are esteemed architect Robert Ivy and stained-glass artist Andrew Cary Young, with the presentation taking place on June 2nd in Jackson, Mississippi.

Robert Ivy, Executive Vice President and CEO of The American Institute of Architects, is the first ever architect to receive this honor. Ivy joined The American Institute of Architects in 2011 which has since seen its membership rise to its highest level in 160 years. He has been praised for making architecture more relevant and important to the public than ever before, with his mastery of the industry capping off a career and lifetime of remarkable work.

Since childhood, Robert Ivy loved the written word and enjoyed spending his days at the library in town. The renowned architect expected to become a writer, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English before going onto earn his Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University. His educational experience was the perfect precursor to serve as editor-in-chief for Architectural Record as well as writing his own articles as an expert on the subject. His biography, published in 2001, is already in its third round of printing.

In addition to receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy has been awarded several other honors as well. In 2010 he was named “Master Architect” by Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity. Additionally, while under his direction, Architectural Record won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. As his career continues, Ivy’s architectural influence continues to inspire with his creativity in design as well as his writing and much-needed commentary on the industry.

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