Leadership Skills of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is known for her marketing and advertising expertise as well as her bold personality and focuses mainly on innovative technology solutions. Her growth in the advertising industry has constantly improved as a result of her ability to set her targets too high. This has been a very instrumental technique to ensure Lori Senecal is able to progress in her career very well.

Lori’s resilience and great leadership skills were mainly drawn from her coaching practice for high school gymnastics. She has been the leader from a tender age and the skills acquired while coaching have played a major role in her marketing career. For more details visit huffingtonpost

Lori has been able to overcome strenuous moments in the advertising industry and build patience in meeting profitability in projects due to her coaching history that has played a major role in her life. At the end of the day, Lori celebrates landing a business advertising opportunity and leaving her clients very satisfied.

The Life Of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the President and CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky since 2015, and she has been an instrumental part of the advertising company. Senecal is overseeing CP + B ten international offices. Her strong and inclusive personality enabled CP + B get recognized by Advertising Age as a “Creativity Innovators of the Year”. Lori was also named “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016.

Under Lori’s leadership, CP + B has landed great clients such as American Airlines, Hershey and Pay Pal. These have really steered the movement of CP + B to a great new level as well as highly profiled Lori as a major executive.

Lori’s previous experience as President at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal is a show of her ability to be a great leader as she was able to change its US Based focus to an international based focus and landing major business deals with it. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.

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Dr. Jennifer Waldon M.D. is one of The Best Beauty Surgeons in the Country

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon based in the Austin, Texas area and the CEO of Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, which she founded in 2012. This center, located at the Westlake Medical Center, is a fully accredited by AAAASF and features state of the art technology. Dr. Walden also has a private practice in Austin. She was one of the first surgeons to perform a large number of labiaplasties and vaginoplasties using laser machine technology. Dr. Walden is a very skilled and experienced professional. Some of her past experience includes:

• She was the Attending Surgeon in Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital from 2008 to 2011

• She also served as the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital

• She was the Clinical Instructor of Surgery (Plastic Surgery) at New York University Langone Medical Center

• She is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern.

Dr. Walden has received many awards for her excellence in the plastic surgery field. Some of these awards include:

Texas Monthly
• In 2014 she was recognized as one of the Texas Super Doctors by Texas Monthly.
Harper’s Bazaar’s
• She was listed as Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014.
Castle Connelly’s
• She was named as one of Castle Connelly’s “Top Doctors” in 2016.
American Association of Plastic Surgeons
• She was selected for membership into the American Association of Plastic Surgeons in 2016, an invitation-only, honorary, academic society.

Dr. Jennifer Walden attended the University of Texas from 1990 to 1994 where she graduated with a B.A. in Biology. She then received her medical degree from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and also completed a residency in plastic surgery at this school. She completed her Aesthetic Surgery fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in 2004.

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Daniel Taub Reacts on the Geneva Accord

The Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom Mr. Daniel Taub has sharply criticized the Geneva accord which was signed on Sunday evening. While speaking to the Independent, Taub said that deal between Iran and the world powers was not only dangerous to Israel, but also to the entire world. He said that the deal was not going to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons in the near future.

Daniel Taub, therefore, suggested it was time Israel and its neighbors to unite and fight against the perceived threat being posed by Tehran. He said that Israel was going to do everything necessary to stop Iran from making a nuclear weapon.

When asked if an alliance between Israel and its neighbors was realistic considering the existing thorny issues between Israel and Palestine, Mr. Taub asserted that even though there are challenges between Israel and Palestine, there was a need to put those differences aside and face a greater challenge that threatens the security of the Middle East region. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.hampsteadshul.org.uk/event/isaiah-berlin-lecture-2017-daniel-taub/

“There is no doubt that Israel has more enemies in the Middle East than friends, however, I know there are still a few countries in the Arab world that agree with Israel about Iran’s nuclear program and are willing to work with us to find an amicable solution,” said Taub.

Israel has also been piling pressure on its traditional allies in trying to defend its position on the Iran nuclear program. Last week a bunch of security officials from Israel visited New York to meet with their counterparts from the Trump administration.

This could be seen as a strategic move considering that President Donald Trump has been vocal when it comes to supporting Israel. It is not clear what was discussed in the meeting but it is clear that the main objective of the meeting was to try and convince the United States to act on Iran’s nuclear deal.

Mr. Daniel Taub said that Iran was not in the best position to handle nuclear weapons considering the caliber of its leaders. His statements were backed by various politicians and government officials back in Israel who also expressed their anger following the signing of the Geneva accord on Sunday.

For instance, one cabinet minister Mr. Bennett Naftali said that the accord signed last week was a major threat to peace in the Middle East region and the world at large. Such statements were echoed by several other leaders in Israel.

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The Chain Smokers: A Darker Version

In 2014, the Grammy Award winning American DJ and Production Duo from New York City, New York, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart hit the top 20 with their single “Selfie.” They began in 2012 in the electro pop genre and still going strong today. Their song, “Closer” with Halsey was their first number one single on the charts. Most recently they released, “Sick Boy” on January 17, 2018.

As LA News Watch reports, “Sick Boy” was released as a single for The Chain Smokers carrying along a darker side to their projects. LA News Watch covers their celebration of their release. It is the epitome of the New Era for Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart, The Chain Smokers. The newspaper explains the meaning behind the song as to how people are hooked on to social media platforms and identify crisis through the exposure of it all. The song has already flown to the Billboard top 100 and top spots on radio stations in multiple countries. And the celebration goes on.

On February 7, 2018 The Chain Smokers interview with Hugh McIntyre of Forbes. The Duo explains how they turned to the darker side of music and taking their fans by storm. They explain how their music today comes from the frustrations of the world and how it is to live in today’s society. Today’s generation can relate to the new lyrics. Another change the Duo is exploring, is working with other producers to bring in new sounds. As according to the duo, “Sick Boy” was just one of the few songs on the darker side to come, with more to follow as they continue to push themselves on upcoming projects.

Though their style has changed, and they are reaching more fans, The Chain Smokers are still putting out as of March 16, 2018. As per Billboard News, they announced The Chain Smokers new song, “Everybody Hates Me.” So, it continues on with this new era for the duo after kicking off this year with “Sick Boy.” We shall see and hear more from The Chain Smokers for a long time.


New Board Nominees Proposed for Obsidian Energy?

Obsidian Energy, a leading producer of natural gas and oil based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has recently been given suggestions for new Board of Director’s nominees by FrontFour Capital Group, LLC. The capital group and its affiliate groups are shareholders who own a significant portion of Obsidian Energy’s shares. There investments in the company total over $28 million which is roughly 5.7% of the company’s capital.


FrontFour Capital, is in opposition to Obsidian’s strategic operating and capital plan. FrontFour states that their plan should focus on redirecting capital in key operating areas and should pay down debt as much as possible. In order to implement their strategies, Front Four are determined to get more representation of their company and interests on the Board of Directors to have more of a say in their corporate decisions. They also state that they are against a 3:1 reverse stock split proposed by Obsidian to bring them back into compliance with the listing requirements set forth by the New York Stock Exchange: a stock must have a value of one dollar or more. The current value of Obsidian stock is approximately $0.96. FrontFour states that companies that execute stock splits do this from a position of weakness and the performance of stocks after stock splits are very poor. They believe that Obsidian should first strengthen their operating and capital plan, and this will stimulate the stock price to gain value. View Additional Info Here.


FrontFour believes that their nominees have the best experience in operations and technology in the energy sector and Obsidian Energy will be valued higher by the equity markets in a shorter period of time. They think that the Board of Directors need a new perspective and also are in need of energy experts that are experienced in dealing with complex situations to help inform and drive their decisions.


View Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsidian_Energy

The Importance of a Plan According to Richard Dwayne Blair

One of the best things to do when it comes to finances is to have some kind of plan. It is also important to stick to it in order for it to succeed. One of the reasons that a plan is important is so that people can make sure that they have the right type of structure to move forward. Without the right structure, then one can fall into a major trap. This is where Richard Dwayne Blair comes in. He is someone who is able to look at the financial circumstances of an individual and help them figure out what they need to do in order to get the financial results they need.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a lot of experience in the financial markets. For one thing, he is aware of many factors that other financial experts may gloss over. He is aware that there are plenty of unforeseeable occurrences that can destroy a person’s efforts completely. This is one of the reasons that he comes up with plans that are so solid that they make these unforeseen circumstances nothing more than mere setbacks. Therefore, people will still be able to reach their financial goals and not worry about too much.

One thing about Richard Dwayne Blair’s plan is that it is based on a three pillar approach. The first pillar deals with looking at the person’s financial situation. This is where he has to look at all of the different aspects of this person’s finances. Then he lays out a road map for the individual. Afterwards, he looks at investment strategies in order to find something that is long term and effective. Afterwards, the insurance needs of the individual comes in. This will make sure that the individual is protected in case something happens to him that is going to cause issues.

Agora Financial Helping People Invest Smartly and Profitably

When it comes to money, you need to make sure that you are making all the right decisions. If you are not able to protect your money from the market volatility, you won’t be able to secure your future as you would have wished. The market is volatile and no matter what any particular investment option claims, do your research and invest wisely after carefully weighing all the pros and cons. There are numerous financial publications out there, online and offline, which can help you make a wise decision with your money. One of the financial publications that has been around for many years and which continues to be one of the most trusted names in the financial world is Agora Financial. It has more than a million subscribers, and the company is growing consistently since 1979 when it was first launched.

The company was founded by Bill Bonner, a well-known financial correspondent, and journalist, who believed that it is crucial to educate people about the different commercial products available in the market so that they can make a smart decision with their money on their own if they wish to. Agora Financial is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and has more than twenty publications in a different format that it offers to the readers. These various publications are specialized publications with a focus on different industries. So, anyone who wants to follow the manufacturing industry closely would support that particular magazine. It would help the people in educating about the different industries so that people can invest at the right time and if they are already spent, consumers would know when to pull out. When to enter and exit is one of the most debated topics in the world of finance, but if you have a set target of how much you want to make per transaction, it doesn’t matter how far the rally goes.

Agora Financial provides financial advice to its readers who are looking for new ways to generate more ROI and protect their money. The experts at Agora Financial works round the clock to ensure that the results they have got are in line with the market speculation, but with valid proof behind it. Agora Financial knows that for any investment to grow, one has to enter at the right time. The publications of Agora Financial can be considered an investment guide that would help the readers to know where to put their money, and which financial product to avoid. The investment advice provided by Agora Financial has helped many people over the years to make a fortune out of it. Agora Financial is an independent press firm that offers the information it has in a very subtle manner to its readers so that the readers can make their choice as they wish with their money.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran Shares Secrets of Success

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, is the head of various business conglomerates with a presence in multiple sectors including direct selling, retail, financial services, and hospitality as well as education.

Dr. Eswaran’s flagship, CNET, was established in 1998 and is an international corporation. Through expert leadership, his businesses have merged traditional methods of sales with the e-commerce model.

“What I wanted was a new kind of business to merge the people power of direct sales with the Internet’s global reach,” Dr. Eswaran told Entrepreneur Magazine recently in a featured article. Dr. Eswaran remembers the beginnings of his business, “We merged the best and tested directing sales techniques with e-commerce.”

The path wasn’t always easy. “My partners and I argued endless about what we should sell to set us apart from the rest,” e added. “We decided on numismatics and precious metals models built using flourishing European market strategies.”

Dr.Vijay Eswaran obtained the rights to market the commemorative coins in time for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Despite arriving late in the process, of the 42 global distributors, e finished in the top three regarding sales volume. “What the rest had not understood was the penetration of web-based sales combined with the human touch,” Dr. Eswaran explained.

When Dr. Eswaran first began, nothing was easy. “I had no connections, no funding and Asia was undergoing a terrible economic crisis. No one believed I could succeed,” Dr. Eswaran explains. “What I had was the conviction my life was not meant to be thrown away earning money for someone else.”

Dr. Eswaran found like-minded partners and enjoyed his wife’s unyielding support. Together, they faced failures and setbacks, but Dr. Eswaran sees that as a positive: “The day I don’t face problems, it means the business isn’t growing.”

Dr. Eswaran’s entrepreneurial path began by having to overcome what he calls ‘perception challenges.’ Despite owning one of the Top 40 groups in the industry, Dr. Eswaran finds many people don’t understand the business.

“To me, successes are interwoven with challenges. I deal with challenges by embracing them,” Dr. Eswaran said.

Three Steps to Financial Success

For many people, personal finance is a difficult subject to understand. Few people feel confident about their financial future. Richard Dwayne Blair is a professional financial planner who helps hundreds of people each year. He focuses on a few key areas that each person can improve.


Budgeting is critical to financial success. Few people track their spending each month. Budgeting helps people track their spending in significant financial categories. Richard Dwayne Blair firmly believes that most people can have financial success by reducing spending in key categories. As the economy improves, more people are willing to borrow money for major purchases. Car loans are at a multi-year high. Borrowing money to purchase an expensive car is a bad financial decision. Credit card debt is also increasing. Few people focus on improving their financial position.


Some people do make enough money from their job to support themselves financially. There are more opportunities than ever before to work an additional job. Starting a side hustle is a proven way to increase income each month. Some people only work a few days per week to earn extra income.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a strong proponent of developing additional sources of income. Not only does it help people reach their financial goals, but an additional income source also reduces a person’s overall financial risk.


Investing is essential to reaching financial goals. Some people choose to avoid investing because they are worried about losing money. Richard Dwayne Blair has an investing plan for each client based on their overall financial goals. Younger people can afford to invest in asset classes with more volatility. As a person gets closer to retirement age, their investment allocation must shift to more conservative asset classes. Richard Dwayne Blair is excited about the future of his financial planning business. He plans to offer additional products and services in the years ahead.


Dr. David Samadi in Business and Medicine

Dr. David B. Samadi has been working in medicine and business for several decades. Up to date, he is occupying several posts such as the Chairman of the Urology Department of the popular Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the establishment and a frequent contributing writer to Fox News.

Dr. David B. Samad is certified in the fields of urology and does diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, urologic diseases, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer. He has specialized in minimally invasive treatments of those diseases which includes laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. David Samad received his bachelor’s degree from the Stony Brook Universty and then moved on to achieving his medical degree from the Montefiore Medical Center Henri Mondor. The institution is located in Creteil, France. Dr. David B. Samad than trained at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Born and raised in Iran, Dr. David B. Samad left the country at the age of 15 in 1979 together with his younger brother directly after the Iranian Revolution. The lived and studied in Belgium and then London before settling in the United States of America. Dr. David B. Samad completed his high school education in Roslyn, New York. After that, he embarked on his medical training and came to study under the mentorship of the renowned Professor Claude Abbou in France in 1992. Dr. David B. Samad had his fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy under his guidance at the Henri Mondor Hospital center.

The start of his career took Dr. David B. Samadi to the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and then became the Vice Chairman of the Department of Urology in 2007 as well as the Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery. The next step in his career came in 2012 when he became one of the highest paid doctors in the city of New York as Dr. David B. Samadi was serving celebrities and people in business.

In 203, Dr. David B. Samadi decided to move his team to the Lenox Hill Hospital. There he started serving as the Chairman of the Urology department as well a Professor of Urology at the Hofstra North Shore School of Medicine. Dr. David B. Samadi is serving not he a few boards such as those of the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association, among a few others.

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