Dr. David Samadi in Business and Medicine

Dr. David B. Samadi has been working in medicine and business for several decades. Up to date, he is occupying several posts such as the Chairman of the Urology Department of the popular Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the establishment and a frequent contributing writer to Fox News.

Dr. David B. Samad is certified in the fields of urology and does diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, urologic diseases, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer. He has specialized in minimally invasive treatments of those diseases which includes laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. David Samad received his bachelor’s degree from the Stony Brook Universty and then moved on to achieving his medical degree from the Montefiore Medical Center Henri Mondor. The institution is located in Creteil, France. Dr. David B. Samad than trained at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Born and raised in Iran, Dr. David B. Samad left the country at the age of 15 in 1979 together with his younger brother directly after the Iranian Revolution. The lived and studied in Belgium and then London before settling in the United States of America. Dr. David B. Samad completed his high school education in Roslyn, New York. After that, he embarked on his medical training and came to study under the mentorship of the renowned Professor Claude Abbou in France in 1992. Dr. David B. Samad had his fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy under his guidance at the Henri Mondor Hospital center.

The start of his career took Dr. David B. Samadi to the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and then became the Vice Chairman of the Department of Urology in 2007 as well as the Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery. The next step in his career came in 2012 when he became one of the highest paid doctors in the city of New York as Dr. David B. Samadi was serving celebrities and people in business.

In 203, Dr. David B. Samadi decided to move his team to the Lenox Hill Hospital. There he started serving as the Chairman of the Urology department as well a Professor of Urology at the Hofstra North Shore School of Medicine. Dr. David B. Samadi is serving not he a few boards such as those of the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association, among a few others.

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Sahm Adrangi Forecasts Investing in the World of Biotech

Sahm Adrangi is one of the world’s leading hedge fund investors. He has worked on multiple platforms and projects with great success. Recently, he was involved with the project to launch a cancer vaccine and predicted that it would be a flop, and it certainly was after it was released to the public. Because of his experience in the biotech industries and the fact that he works diligently with tons of different investments, Sahm Adrangi is able to accurately predict the different types of projects being launched and is able to make money off of his predictions. Follow Sahm Adrangi on twitter.com.

Sahm Adrangi is the owner and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital. It is one of the top hedge fund marketing and investing companies in the world, and they have worked with thousands of individuals as well as corporations to better their assets. If you would like to make smart investments that are going to yield a great amount for you, your family or your company, Sahm Adrangi is the person you need to turn to for help. His work with hedge fund investing has been some of the best in the field, so people are easily able to get the assistance that they need to ensure they are happy with the work being done.

Learn: www.businessinsider.com/meet-hedge-funder-sahm-adrangi-2013-10

If you would like to learn more about this amazing individual, you can visit his LinkedIn profile or check him out on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If this is a person you’d like to hire for your future investments, it is time to get in touch with Sahm Adrangi and see if he is able to help you out as he has for a lot of other individuals. Once you have made the decision to hire such a professional, you are going to want to consider doing this for yourself and knowing that this is a professional you can trust. Make sure that you look into hiring this professional and seeing what he is able to do for you when it comes to getting the most out of your own needs and the fact that he has the experience behind him. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

President of Wax: Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). Casselle holds a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University, which both are in Computer Science. He also learned to speak Japanese and Mandarin while attending college.

In 1995, CasSelle co-founded and served as the CTO of NetNoir. NetNoir was one of the first media production websites focused on Afrocentric culture. The company was the first outside company to be accepted in to the AOL Greenhouse Program. From 1998-2002 he served as a senior Vice President and advisor to the CEO at Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), a publicly traded telco service provider based in Hong Kong. He served as a director of Hong Kong based Capital Union Investments from 2006-2013 where he managed private direct investments into late-stage web companies. He was also a top executive at Groupon’s joint venture with Chinese instant messaging and gaming giant Tencent. In April 2012 CasSelle became CEO of the global social network for core video game players, which was named Xfire. In January 2013 he served as CEO of MediaPass, an online paywall solution designed to generate subscription based revenues for digital content. CasSelle also co-founded Timeline Labs during the year of 2013. Timeline Labs is a social media tracking software company which was later acquired from SeaChange International in December 2014. CasSelle served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media of SeaChange International after this acquisition. In February 2016, Malcolm CasSelle was named CTO president of new ventures at Tronc. Currently, CasSelle has been the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange and CIO of OPSkins since 2017.

OPSkins is the global leader in sales of in-game virtual assets and the number one bitcoin merchant on Earth. The company is a prime candidate in terms of market size and user demand for a decentralized protocol from the users who frequently make cross-border micro-transactions. WAX solves two of the biggest problems in virtual asset markets which are fragmentation and fraud.




The RealReal Changes The E-commerce and Retail Game With the “Year of the Pop-Up”

For The “RealReal” 2018 promises to be the year of the pop up. The luxury brand promises to invest in in-store experiences to make 2018 the “year of the pop-up“. This is giving stores a street-level presence in an aim to legitimize brands. The average store order is much larger than an online order.

The company opened up a location in SoHo in November 2017 which is in direct response to a New York City popup which grossed $2 Million in sales. The company is testing pop-ups throughout new markets in the city. People are loyal to the brand, and their many retail locations suggest that.

San Francisco is also one of the new markets on the company’s radar. The company has seen a huge increase in online buyers from the San Francisco area, because these people are looking for goods that are authentic and unique. The company is also trying out a pop up location in Las Vegas which is to learn more about new markets.

The RealReal is a company which is disrupting the luxury goods market. The company has $123 Million in venture capital funding, with $500 million in products on hand. What the company is doing is they are working as a cosigner: they take products from other people and promote them to their audience. The company creates an additional layer of trust between the consumer as they inspect every product before it is sold. Before each RealReal product is shipped, the company verifies that the product is top quality.

Another part of RealReal’s strategy has been opening up stores in the New York area. The company is in “growth mode” with an aim at raising funds rapidly for growing out their business. They aim to have a chain of retail stores, with the Manhattan location being used as a test location for their concept.

A Word from the Hero: Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a hero for the reign he served as the ambassador of Israel to Britain. The success he acquired and the impact it had on both countries is immeasurable and has been felt by both parties. Before his duty, as an ambassador, he had represented the state in other international meetings of peace negotiation talks.

Daniel Taub has multiple talents, which the citizens expect him to use to enrich the country after the end of his reign as an ambassador. His knowledge of International law is impeccable, and he can, therefore, lecture the students on the subject matter. Taub is also a proficient writer, and the citizens are hopeful he will continue enlightening him through his books.

Taub says that one of the best things about being an ambassador is that there are no days that are the same. There are more than six key areas that he has to focus on and ensure there is a balance for them all. You have to see that all the areas and communities in the state are covered.

As an ambassador, one of the traits that have rendered him successful is being curious. He says that as an ambassador it is crucial that one is interested in what the other parties got. It is through genuinely appreciating other individuals that stronger kingdoms are built, expanded and maintained.

One of the advice that he would offer his younger self is to worry less. Daniel Taub says that as a child of immigrants he was worried about what he would do with his life. However, his career life has been so haphazard and yet very satisfying compared to what he expected. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He has had a chance to work with prime ministers and presidents. Taub has also worked as a lawyer, television writer, and a diplomat and none of all this was planned.

Taub says that one of the diplomat’s techniques that he can share is working in the realm of the possible. It is crucial that you spend time working on the factors that are workable in the long last. The other attribute that he shares is on being an active listener.

He says that the diplomats are highly trained on presenting their case and being attentive listeners as well. Taub explains that this is vital because the only way to feed a counterpart your side of the story is by creating room in their brain by ensuring they empty everything first.

Darker Music, Same Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a DJ/Production Duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who became popular with their breakthrough song “#Selfie” in 2014 and haven’t left the charts since. The EDM-pop duo came out with their first album Bouquet in October of 2015 and the single “Roses” reached top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. “Don’t Let Me Down” Became a top five and won them a Grammy Award for, Best Dance Recording. After all of this success, the duo is far from over.


They have recently come out with some new music that is “darker” than before and Forbes caught up with them to find out why. The pressure for The Chainsmokers to become successful with more music that is somewhere between EDM and Top-40-Hits is a lot for anyone to overcome, so instead they went in a completely different direction, and their fans couldn’t be more supportive. Their newest hit, “Sick Boy” is just a taste at the direction the production duo is going with their music.


The team was questioned about the new era of The Chainsmokers that they have come into 2018 with and they explained that they hadn’t come out with a new song in nine months which is very unusual for them because they are usually dropping something once a month. They stated that “Sick Boy” is just the first installment in a new era for the duo. When asked about the rather darkness of this new song they stated that they have grown up a lot as artists and as people and their music is a reflection of that. View Related Info Here.


They explained that their music has also come from a place of frustration because of their huge boost in popularity basically overnight, and people thinking certain things about them or wanting them to do things they expect of them. They have decided to put their reactions to the good and the bad into their music. (Watch: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


It will be interesting to see where these artists go next with this new era of music, and it is no secret that their fan base will be following them and supporting them the whole way.