Jeremy Goldstein Says Knockout Options Could Be The Way To Go For Employers

Over the past several years, many major companies out there have decided that it is simply not worth it for them to offer stock options to their employees as incentives, mostly to save themselves money. Though, there are other reasons beneath that complicate things as well that have caused companies to discontinue stock benefits. Jeremy Goldstein is making efforts to work out a compromise for possible incentives.


One of the problems with stock options is the fact that stock price goes up and down along with the company’s stock value. On top of this, there is a huge accounting burden that is laid down when dealing with many stock options, according to Jeremy Goldstein. Also, in many cases, employees find that they would rather have the higher wages overall each week instead of having accounting fees attached to stock options. Some newer employees respond well to stock options, but the majority aren’t really pleased with stock options as an incentive anymore, as there is always an uncertainty in the stock market. The flipside of the coin is that if a company’s stock value continues to increase, so does the stock option compensation given to employees. This would be a big motivator for employees to increase their productivity.


Jeremy Goldstein is currently the head of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates in New York. This law firm provides professional legal and advisory services to their clients consisting of CEO’s, management teams, governance matters, officials, and corporate matters. Jeremy Goldstein worked at another prestigious law firm before founding his own known as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Today, he has built up a considerable amount of experience dealing with corporate transactions and has been involved in some of the biggest company deals over the past ten years. Alongside his legal work, Jeremy also speaks at various events to share his knowledge to youth, giving his insights into business and law. Over the years, Jeremy has represented many major corporations with great success. Jeremy’s academic background ended with him earning his J.D. from New York University School of Law. He has also earned degrees from Cornell University and the University of Chicago, adding to his decorated academic accomplishments. Learn more:


OSI Group Head Honored For His Work In India

Home to over a billion people, India is one of the world’s largest markets. Indian consumers appreciate and admire business leaders who can help them thrive. Such is the case with the OSI Group. This organization has been doing business in India since 1995. Many Indians are happy to work with and for the company. Local business leaders have decided to help show their gratitude to the OSI Group. They have chosen to honor the company’s Chief Executive Officer with a prestigious award that is all about honoring one of the world’s fastest growing companies and the CEO’s profound leadership skills at the same time.

Visionary Understanding

India’s Vision World Academy is all about honoring those who understand how to take a basic concept and how to help follow through so that that concept becomes a true reality. This is one of many reasons why officials here decided to honor OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lanvin. A ceremony was held Saturday, February 20, 2016 to present the award to Lanvin. t was held at the local Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an organization dedicated to bringing new industry to India and inspiring leaders to locate here. Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India offers a fine location that is often used as a base for those who plan to open or expand a business in the area. Residents of the area want to provide recognition for business leaders who have demonstrated a visionary understanding of the markets in India and the global markets at the same time.

Growing This Company

The OSI Group is an organization headquartered in Aurora, IL. From here, company officials run a vast global empire with interests all over the world. CEO Sheldon Lanvin has brought the company from America to many parts of the globe. Today, thanks to his leadership, company officials can offer many types of food products for people to eat including items such as bacon bits, pulled pork and chicken for meat eaters. Vegetarians can try the company’s other offerings such as salads and fruit that are designed to help preserve freshness while still offering them many possible choices. Under his auspices, company revenues have grown. In India, the company owns and operates eight different locations, allowing them to provide all kinds of produce and other products. This is the fifth year that such an award has been given to an industry leader.

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