Lime Crime’s Newest Hair Dye Colors

Lime Crime is known for being the makeup brand that provides a no cruelty form of design. Every single thing they offer is made to help women express themselves and get the look that they want. It’s easy to lose sight of what they do because they do offer everything under the sign from cosmetics to other forms of makeup. They love to diversify what they have to offer. Doe Deere works very hard to create only efficient and powerful products that she knows people are going to love. Her brand new hair dye line has been sweeping the nation, and today there has been a lot of talk about the new colors they are going to start providing.

Their temporary hair dye are going to be such a unique new way to intricately provide that beautiful color for a few days. It’s the perfect way to get a glimpse into something of a different hair color without permanently going for a different color. Doing this is very powerful and can help open the door for you to see what colors work good on you without the struggle of keeping it permanent.

There are all kinds of colors to go for. Their Cloud version is a tint dye that gives a nice light blue color effect. It’s very soft and looks good on the eyes when being worn. Moonchild is another that has a slight pastel appearance. It has a bit of lavender overtones to accentuate the color.

Bubblegum Rose is a pink dye that has a bright color of famous pink gum. It’s such a strong color that really bursts out with emotion. Then you also have Kawaii, Mint Ice, Tweet, Valentine, and Aesthetic; all of which have different hair dye colors and showcase every type of hair in their own unique ways. If you are looking for the right color, you can go through Lime Crime online to see how it all looks before you decide to purchase the hair dye. With so many new colors, you are bound to find the right one that just suits you and your personality.

Kate Hudson of Fabletics Leveraging the Power of Crowd Influence in Purchasing Intent

The growing power of crowd influence on consumer’s intent to purchase is vastly affecting the marketing of brands. In the recent times, consumers are influenced by client’s review on a product. It is undisputed that in fact, for most online shopping channels, clients highly rely on the reviews of seasoned consumers in order to make purchasing decisions. This is because the chasm between online shopping platforms and consumer’s preferences keep evolving. Such is the story of Fabletics, a leading clothing brand for sports.




The current consumers rely on crowd-source reviews with the aim of making the final purchasing decision. In the case of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, the head cheerleader understands the need to constantly monitor the evolving demands of consumers in order to supply their needs. Being a savvy brand in the fashion industry, Kate grasps the basic importance of personalizing these brands according to the client needs. Depending on the shifting demands and consumer behavior, Fabletics is always ready to manufacture exactly what the client needs.


Online Platform


Through the company’s online platform, Fabletics ensures that there is a review of the constant consumer behavior. Since the establishment of the company in 2013, Fabletics has made over 200% in revenue. This translates to approximately $235 million. The number of subscribers is about 1 million with Shawn Gold as the corporate marketing officer being in charge of monitoring the reviews and consumer behavior.


Client Review


Fabletics has thrived on positive client reviews. With the positive growth, Fabletics has expanded its boundaries online. Consumer reviews have directly increased the customer base by improving loyalty as well as customer retention. Presently, consumers rely on digital platforms to make the purchasing decision. Under Kate’s leadership, Fabletics has given women of all sizes a great opportunity to wear athleisure trend. Through active wear, there is a range of all sizes from extra large to extra large by three. According to Kate, there is no need of introducing a new clothing line because the current line accommodates everyone. Kate is convinced that athleisure has provided every woman the opportunity to lead a healthy life through physical comfort during work-outs.




Being visionary about empowering women by building their self esteem, Kate’s mission is to extend a comforting hand to women in their journey to health. This is a mission that Kate Hudson has had since the company was established. Her collection comprises bright colors coupled with trendy styles. The designs have been customized to fit the needs of the clients. Using high-quality fabrics, athleisure offers maximum comfort featuring high-tech style and health. Kate has vastly grown her business to owning about 18 physical retail stores.




Even without a background in business, Kate Hudson has used her career in acting as a stepping stone to generating innovative ideas. As a model, she understands the connection between fashion and personality. She has therefore, used this strategy to bring ideas to Fabletics. Being creative, Kate is determined to bring more ideas to life through her fashion line. Her brain is connected to creativity. Kate is appreciative of her TechStyle family. She acknowledges their input in growing her business.



Eric Pulier – Well-Known Technologist in the United States

Eric Pulier is a well-known name in the software and technology industry, and his accomplishments in this field as an entrepreneur and successful businessman are immense. Eric Pulier known to be multi-talented, and apart from being a successful businessman, he is also a reputed author and a renowned philanthropist. Eric did his schooling from Teaneck High School after which he went to Harvard University to do his graduation in Arts, specializing in English and American Literature. After completing his studies, the focus of Eric Pulier moved towards helping the under privileged people and children with rare or orphan diseases. Eric Pulier has also worked towards giving life to innovative technology and has become popular for his creativity and vision in the technology world.

Eric Pulier is also known for his love for writing. While at Harvard, Eric Pulier wrote a column at the school editorial, Harvard Crimson. Upon graduating, Eric Pulier moved his base to Los Angeles, where the first thing he did after moving was to start an organization named People Doing Things. Later on, Eric Pulier founded Digital Evolution, an interactive digital agency that later merged with US Interactive LLC. The popularity of Eric Pulier in the digital world was such that he was even selected by the respected Presidential Inaugural Committee to present the Presidential Technology Exhibit. The exhibit presented by Eric Pulier was named “The Bridge to the 21st Century.”

During his career span until now, Eric Pulier has founded or co-founded at least 15 different technology enterprises, and even ran them successfully. Eric Pulier also successfully managed and led venture backed companies as well, which includes US Media Interactive LLC, SOA Software, MediaPlatformm, and Desktone. As one of the most famous technologists in the industry and a highly popular one at that, Eric Pulier has been able to raise millions of dollars in the industry for his many companies. Eric Pulier is also on the board of directors of the famous X-Prize Foundation, an organization that holds competitions and chooses winners among people who can come up with innovative and creative solutions for intractable problems faced by the humanity.

Visit Eric Pulier’s Facebook Page:

New Platform for Monitoring Cancer Treatment an innovation in the medical field.

In Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they are working with the partnership of Nanthealth and Allscripts, these organizations are working to improve the treatment procedures being held at these center, so that the patient gets better treatment and physicians working their, can work in complete comfort and can monitor the treatment of patients without disturbing their clinal tasks. An operating system was formed so that this whole procedure gets easier, this operating system records all the data of treatments done on cancer patients by the oncologist worldwide, and gives a better assistance to physicians so that the patients coming there gets treated well. This operating system is named as NantOs. There are millions of researches done on cancer, and some of the recent research studies focus on this new platform as well, explaining the unique and brand new features it provides in this field are following.

• Tailored treatments can be given to patients according to their availability and requirements such as according to their schedules and their lifestyle, as well as at what stage of cancer they are at.

• Detailed treatment options, with their price tags, so that everyone can get them according to their statuses.

• Making patients entries computerized and modifying and updating the technology.

• All the treatment properly recorded and mapped so that the physicians is aware of the proper treatments and how patients should be treated.

• All access to data, and references from where the information is recorded and collected.

• All the clinical date being updated and supported.

• And all the processes should be updated and done in real time.

As this new system and platform have been formed, it will bring a lot of good changes in this medical field, as the physicians will be already be updated and will be aware of the incorrect treatments and how to prevent patients from getting the false treatment. Oncologist worldwide are really optimistic and our sure that this platform will be an innovation period in the field of cancer treatments.

What you need to know about the Market American Events

Market America Events, an organization that holds seminars, conventions, products symposiums and boot camps, aims at building products and empowering people. The organization aims at guesting opportunities that will empower people with advanced implementation techniques in their fields. Top professionals in the conventions share tips and insight of success that help the other upcoming entrepreneurs achieve success in their enterprises. Also, Market America Events offers a platform for exchanging ideas and networking amongst the corporate organizations that attend the conventions.

Besides, this organization has a wide variety of events listed on their website. In accordance to the area of interest, you can choose to attend one of the upcoming events or training and get a ticket. The events range are diverse, and therefore, analyzing the information from the website about the motive behind the event is a crucial before engaging. Market America Event has three categories of venues: US Regional Sites, International Sites, and Community Sites. This enables them to reach a wider audience globally.

For example, the upcoming nutraMetrix®Annual Convention scheduled to take place in October this year will engage the best in this field of nutraMetrix Health. It aims to deliver best first-hand accounts of best practices to health regimens. The sessions will begin on a Friday and run through to Sunday afternoon, scheduled to happen similarly to the Regional convention.



Beneful is a word that is used to mean that which is constructive, helpful or beneficial. This may be the origin of Beneful dog food to imply food that is beneficial to your dog. A dog is man’s best friend. Therefore, the things you do to your best personal friend should also be done to your dog starting from feeding him with the right food that is not only tasty but also healthy.

Beneful dog food is a brand by Purina Company that ranges depending on the needs of your dog. Beneful dog food can either be dry or wet, for your puppy or a mature dog. They also put into consideration your budget. Beneful dog food is well flavored and also nutritious to your dog. Each of their products contains a selected range of ingredients suitable to various needs of the dog. For instance, they have products to promote puppy growth and those that help in weight gaining for your dog. Beneful food is enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for the general health of your dog.

If you have a puppy, Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food may be a good start. This nutritious brand contains chicken, carrots, and peas. It is thus 100% balanced in diet making it perfect for puppies. It is also made with DHA that aids in brain and eye sight development. Its texture is tender and crunchy as well as delicious. Your pup is thus likely to enjoy his meal to the end. Some other Beneful dog foods include; Beneful Grain Free, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Playful Life and Beneful Originals with Real Chicken among others. Beneful thus provides you with a lot of choices in regard to your dog’s needs.


How NuoDB Is Changing Cloud Database Paradigms.

Cloud computing is quietly creating a revolution in the way we do just about everything. Now, NuoDB adds to that with their new cloud database system. With it’s elastic expansion style, NuoDB is creating an entirely new way to think about database systems. The company first released its cloud database system 5 years ago, but it has gone so far since then and is creating a reputation hardly anyone would dare to dispute. It’s only a matter of time before others start to copy this system and use it for themselves. Nobody is truly on the same level as NuoDB.

The most important thing to understand about NuoDB is that it expands the size of its servers by increasing the number based on your needs. Cloud databases are a clearly difficult line of work and plenty of attempts at this kind of thing can lead to extreme bandwidth issues and such. Fortunately, this is not an issue with NuoDB. Much of this is accomplished thanks to the tiered approach NuoDB takes. Using layers of storage managers and transaction engines, the system allows you to scale the size of the cloud database to whatever you need. Effectively, you can receive a virtually limitless amount of storage this way.

Adam Goldenberg The Man with The Brand

Adam Goldenberg co-CEO of JustFab recently appeared in a live interview on CNBC. The discussion would include a change in the name of his company and how it would merchandise its products. The company will now be called TechStyle. Mr. Goldenberg stated that while internet shopping played a major role in the branding of JustFab, it is his desire to open a chain of physical stores. He was mindful to acknowledge the role of internet shopping in the success of his brand.


Mr. Ressler the business associate of Mr. Goldenberg, shared in the decision to alter the name and physical face of the company. Mr. Ressler respects the business decisions of his partner, realizing that he began his first profitable company at the age of fifteen.

In 2010 Goldenberg and Ressler were both fashion salesmen with Intermix Media. While working as partners JustFab was founded with a value quickly exceeding one million dollars. The diversity of the brand created both exceptional monetary value as well as the interest of investors. JustFab produced revenue exceeding $500 million during 2015. Fabletics, Fabkids, and Shoedazzle are among its most profitable brands.


Mr. Goldenberg was not short on confidence when it came to making predictions about his company’s future success. His words were foretelling of the pending achievements which certainly came to pass. His wise business dealings proved profitable as he discovered and liquidated various business ventures. The likes of his business models are duplicated both in the United States and abroad.


In the world of business, the term “Unicorn company” is a prestigious title bestowed upon those who earn over $1 billion as evaluated by independent auditors. One such company was JustFab, the company’s founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler both shared in the building of such a winning organization. During a television interview Goldenberg was quick to acknowledge the feeling of pride associated with hard work and the building of a company with exceptional customer service. When asked about the title “Unicorn” and its impact on the company, he was swift to state that the title did not change the company or the way they do business. Goldenberg and Ressler are two of today’s top entrepreneurs who’s use of the internet and social media as a vehicle for fashion sales are textbook. Their use of monthly subscriptions to garner sales, generate new customers and maintain a repeat customer base is brilliant!

David Giertz’s Advice On Social Security

Who is David Giertz?

Having graduated from the University of Miami with an MBA, and Millikin University, provided a platform for David Giertz, to rise to the heights of a financial advisor, in one of the biggest insurance companies. In addition, being a certified Business Coach for the World Association of Business Coaches has earned him the respect of a popular financial advisor. This reputation raised him the position of the president of Nationwide Investment Services, a position he has held with utmost responsibility and dedication, leading to profit revenue of over $17.8 billion.


Facts about David Giertz

Success is earned with time as David proves. He started his prestigious and successful career at the Citigroup, where he served as a financial service advisor. He raised the ranks hitting great records and achieving awards like the ‘World Class Gallup Associate Score’, and being an executive president.What people may not know about David is that he appreciates the society, and is involved in the community organizations. For instance, he has positions at his former university of Millikin, and once served the youth (girl scouts).


French Tribune Interview

David acknowledges an important aspect in the insurance sector, of holding a rapport between the client and the advisors, regarding social security plans (retirement benefits). Most advisors avoid the topic due to its complexity, as their handbook has a lot of rules in regard to social security. According to David, an advisor would risk losing clients if they fail to discuss social security plans. Anyone in the business would want to retain the clients for them to stay relevant in the market. To avoid this challenge, incorporating the financial advisor’s handbook in their rapport with the clients will be a great milestone.


David helps us in realizing that there is a big role that financial advisors should play, in enlightening their clients about social security -that many don’t for reasons mentioned above. Therefore, the next time you are seeking financial advice, consider experts like David.

Agora Financial: A wisemans choice in the world of investment.

Agora Financial recently put out an introductory video, in order to introduce their investment services. The video starts off with the story of a wise, and soon to be retired dentist aptly named “Bob”. Being new to the world of investment, Bob is very rightly nervous about this next phase of his life. The video goes on from there to introduce us to the financial company and how they can help you make a wise investment as you enter the Autumn years.

Agora Financial is a private publishing company that’s focus is on unbiased customer education when it comes to investment. Through, educational books in print and online, videos & online seminars among other services. The company is based in Baltimore and a staffed with a myriad of people, each of whom is an expert in their respective investment fields. The company is very skilled and even predicted the 2008 market crash, four years before it happened. The company is passionate about books and even purchased Laissez-Faire Books, a historic book store in 2011. Agora Financial’s founder, Bill Bonner, published Mobs, Messiahs and Markets with Lila Rajiva in 2007 and Dice Have No Memory in 2011. The company offers many free newsletters, that can be delivered to your inbox and contain news, useful advice and hot investment tips.

If you are a new investor or even a seasoned one who’s looking for a new investment, then please click here to find out more about the company, or if you wish to view the introductory video on YouTube, click here.