The Importance Of Honoring The Contract With Ownership By AHBE

One of the most important aspects of business is honoring the contract. This is an agreement that is made between two parties. If one person breaches the contract, the best case scenario is that the other party disregards his part of the contract. In other cases like with AIG, a breach in contract could lead to a lawsuit. AIG has breached its contract with AHBE. As a result, the former owners of Atlanta Hawks have filed a lawsuit against the insurance group which addressed not only failure to pay the amount that is covered in the insurance policy, but also the defense of the contract. As a result, the former owners have decided to file a lawsuit.

Among the members of the ownership group is Bruce Levenson. Bruce is one of the people that have handled the financial aspects of the agreement. Among the aspects of the ownership that UCG founder Bruce was involved with was the selling of the team to the new ownership group. For one thing he has managed to sell it at a high price so that it resulted in profits for the whole group. However, there is another issue that he has to take care of because of the breach of contract with the insurance company.

AIG did not honor its part of the contract. As a result, they are not only getting sued. They are going to have to pay for a lot more expenses and fees than they would have if they have honored the contract. At the same time, they are going to be faced with a hit on their reputation since they show that they can’t be trusted. According to PR News, many people that are looking at the contract state that the complaints are self explanatory. The insurance group is going to be faced with a lot of hits.

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Comparative Law Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study of different legal systems and then comparing them. When studying this kind of law, individuals will often learn about the legal systems of two different countries. They will compare a number of aspects of the legal systems such as their constitution, criminal justice system and also their economic policies. Studying this branch of law is very beneficial to a number of people and entities. First, it is very helpful for government entities because it will help them gain a better understanding of international trade and foreign policy. For businesses, comparative law will help them gain a better understanding of economic policies and laws pertaining to operating businesses. The study of comparative law is also quite beneficial for legal professionals who may need to conduct legal activities in foreign nations as well.  Check for more info.

When it comes to comparative law, one of the most well known experts is law professor Sujit Choudhry. He is a longtime legal professional and educator who has studied this type of law for many years. When he first began his career, he worked as a clerk for the head of Canada’s Supreme Court. This gave him valuable experience in the field and allowed him to share his knowledge of the legal system to others. After working for the Canadian Supreme Court, Sujit Choudhry became an educator where he would teach law to students as a professor. During his stint at the University of Toronto, Choudhry would then become the assistant dean of the university.

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Sujit would then move to the United States to continue his legal career. When moving to the United States, Choudhry would get an opportunity at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He would become a professor and teach the subject to a number of students. However, his greatest achievement was when he became the Dean. This appointment allowed him to become the first Indian American to hold the position in the school’s history. Along with being the Dean of the law school, Sujit Choudhry would continue studying comparative law. He would later use his knowledge to help a number of foreign leaders draft their new constitution

George Soros attacks Trump

George Soros often speaks whenever democracy is being threatened. The recent inauguration of Donald Trump left him with a lot to write about. The two have not seen eye to eye as they differ on many views. Some time back, George Soros referred to Trump as an agent of ISIS claiming that he was instilling fear in Americans. The two differ on several issues such as criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms, and religious tolerance. George Soros may be compelled by his past to stand for the oppressed. He was born in Hungary at a time when the Nazis persecuted the Jews. He only managed to survive persecution through the help of his father who provided him with fake documents on A few years later, he had the chance to attend London School of Economics and developed a passion for the theories developed by Karl Popper. This opened his eyes, and he was also keen to develop some theories of his own. He divided leaderships into two forms, the open society, and the closed society.

He refers to Donald Trump as a corn artist who is a threat to democracy. He also terms him as a would-be dictator and says he wishes he fails. George Soros criticizes Donald Trump’s behavior as well as his cabinet and advisors. He says that the cabinet that has been put in place by Trump comprises of retired generals and extremists who are incompetent. One thing that he does not doubt is whether the democracy will succeed. He says that the constitution on Biography and other institutions, as well as the fourth State, will protect the democracy. There is no way that the executive branch can be able to overpower them. He says that the would-be dictator will not transform into one.

However, he acknowledges that there is a group of people who will suffer. The Trump administration on Snopes is targeting the minority. For the internal struggles that the US will be experiencing, it will be unable to promote and protect democracy elsewhere. Soros says that Donald Trump will surround himself with dictators and they will seek refuge in the United States. The US is not the only nation that is being faced with threats to democracy, so is the European Union especially now that Vladimir Putin is in the equation. George Soros accuses Putin of controlling social media in his country and also manipulating other countries like Georgia and Ukraine.

George Soros has an estimated wealth of $30 billion and often spends it for good causes. In the past presidential election, Soros made a donation of over $30 to the Democratic Party. According to Soros’ spokesman, the billionaire felt compelled to make the donations as stakes were very high. This is not the first time that he has made the donation, he has done so in the past especially in the quest to defeat President George Bush.

Why ClassDojo Has Done Well In US and UK Classrooms

Many educators have felt that more should be done with mobile apps to make classrooms more conducive to learning and give students tools that encourage them to study hard. One app that’s becoming a platform for doing just that is ClassDojo, developed by two UK grad students and growing quickly in popularity across the US, the UK and other countries. The reason for this is that the app is free to download and simple to use, and teachers don’t have to get their administrator’s permission to use it. ClassDojo was originally intended to be a simple behavior reward app, but it’s become a full social media and communication app for teachers and parents.


ClassDojo is on It began in 2011 and has spread to many schools simply through word-of-mouth. Its interface has evolved to something similar to Facebook, but the developers have gone to great lengths to add privacy features and security layers to protect user identities. Teachers can post photos or approve of student photos taken during the day and let them be shown on the student stories page. Parents can then see those photos throughout the day and mention classroom activities to their children later in the day. The communication between parents and teachers has increased enough that many schools have been able to do away with parent-teacher meetings, read related article.


Based on, ClassDojo started out small, but many investors have taken an interest in the app and to date it has received over $30 million in venture capital. The savings on marketing costs have allowed its developers to focus in on other areas such as producing student growth videos, a complimentary series to the other features of the app. All of ClassDojo’s features are completely free to use at the moment, but they plan to add optional premium content for teachers that want more from the app.

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